Your rights are being violated!
Our children’s health is at risk!

Whether or not you’re vaccinated is YOUR CHOICE!

NO employer, NO government, NO school board & NO union can violate your rights through forced vaccination mandates, mask mandates & vaccine passports. It’s time to FIGHT BACK for our jobs, our families, our school children and OUR FREEDOM!

  • Did you, your friend or family member already get vaccinated under fear of being suspended or fired?
  • Are you or your family being threatened, coerced or violated by corrupt employers or government agencies that push vaccine mandates, mask mandates or even medical passports?
  • Are your school-aged kids forced to choose medical mandates, or face disciplinary action?
  • Do you know of students being vaccinated at school without parental knowledge or consent?
  • Are you TIRED of seeing your fellow Americans’ Civil & Constitutional rights VIOLATED right before your eyes?

It’s time to DEMAND JUSTICE!


Join us to FIGHT BACK against medical tyranny in the workplace, at schools and in our communities!

Through civil rights Education, Awareness & Grassroots Legal Enforcement, Freedom To Choose USA empowers workers, students and families to fearlessly STAND FIRM in the face of those who attempt to violate their rights.

Freedom To Choose USA

News Updates

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A Look Back at 2023

Despite Setbacks, Our Passion For Justice For California Children & Employees Continues To Be Renewed By Neil & Kimberly Stiller, Founders We all knew this FIGHT would be brutal. After a two year fight in the courts, thousands of California F2C Plaintiffs and our families have endured hardships, discrimination and suffering, to the point of…

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Call To Action!

CALL TO ACTION – CONTACT ALL CITY REPRESENTATIVES TODAY and Add Public Comments To Council! (See Motion below) Help spread the word that the State of Emergency is scheduled to end and we need to also REPEAL THE EMPLOYEE VACCINATION MANDATE too!!   See contact information below for vital City Officials.  Contact them by phone…

Chalkboard - Educating the Educators
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Bishop Parents Stand Their Ground Against School District

Bishop Unified School District to Pay $400,000 and Conduct Training for All Employees in Settlement Agreement for Harming Students During COVID-19 Pandemic Bishop, California – After a long battle, with the help of retired U.S. Federal Judge Stephen G. Larson, a settlement has been reached between California’s Bishop Unified School District (BUSD) and a group…

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Share This Flyer

Recently, one of our volunteers had a bright idea to help get the word out, asking us to design a simple flyer that’s easy to share with others. Two days later, here it is! Go to HERE to the F2C Freedom Resource Vault to get yours: You know the old saying, “Many hands make light…

Save the Date Court Dates for Freedom To Choose USA
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ALL PLAINTIFFS: SAVE THE DATE and Plan To Attend Court Dates in May

All Freedom To Choose LA Plaintiffs: Attend our court dates on May 3rd, 10th, and 31st. Come SUPPORT your fellow Freedom To Choose Plaintiffs and show your unity by wearing a Freedom To Choose shirt! Who: ALL FREEDOM TO CHOOSE L.A. PLAINTIFFS When: Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 9:30amLAUSD / LACOE Wednesday, May 10, 2023…