Your rights are being violated!
Our children’s health is at risk!

Whether or not you’re vaccinated is YOUR CHOICE. NO employer, NO government, NO school board & NO union can violate your rights through forced vaccination mandates, mask mandates & vaccine passports.

It’s time to FIGHT BACK for our jobs, our families, our school children & our freedom!

Did you already get “the jab” under fear of being suspended or fired?

Are you or your family being threatened, coerced or violated by corrupt employers and government agencies, pushing vaccine mandates, mask mandates or medical passports?

Do you know of students being vaccinated at school without parental knowledge or consent?

Are your school-aged kids forced to choose medical mandates or face disciplinary action?

You are not alone.

It’s time to demand justice.

Join us to FIGHT BACK against medical tyranny in the workplace, at schools and in our communities.

Fight for your job!
Fight for your family!
Fight for students’ civil rights!
Fight for your freedom!

Through civil rights education and enforcement, Freedom To Choose USA empowers workers, students and families to fearlessly STAND FIRM in the face of those who attempt to violate their rights.


Freedom To Choose USA
Non-profit organization
“Choose freedom over fear”


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