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This Week’s Tactical Response

Below is this week’s tactical response for the week of October 29th to the present day. In light of the 12-page, 10/28/2021 Memo from the L.A. City Mayor, our Position to NOT Comply with Unlawful Violations of our Rights remains Steadfast, despite the extended deadline to report your vax status (for vaxed and unvaxed) by December 18, 2021, now under threat of termination!  


FOR THOSE of you who continue to receive emails, phone calls and either have had or will have in the weeks to come, a manager or supervisor hand you a paper notice regarding  disclosing your Vax status by December 18th:

  1. Take the paper.
  2. Scan It.
  3. Put it in a work email, with: 
    • a description of the scene of when you got it (you handed me this document at this date, with this weather, and time with these people around)
    • a copy of the Notice of Conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights filled with the NAME of the person who gave you the papers. Be sure to keep a list of exactly who you give this Notice to.
    • the phrase “This email is to document that you gave me this and my attorney will respond.”
  4. Email this to the person who handed you the paper notice and CC Attorney Sunny Wise at AND to your PERSONAL email.

IF YOU receive a phone call from a manager, or anyone, concerning Vax status reporting simply respond:

“Please submit your question in writing and my attorney will respond.” 

No need to say anything else.

You have a 5th Amendment Right. Exercise it! (DO NOT PLEAD, EXERCISE!)

IF YOU know you might have a discussion with a supervisor or manager have a Notice of Infringement of Constitutional Rights & Conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights filled out and ready to go.


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