3 Action Steps

3 Action Steps For Freedom Fighters

WORKERS: If you’re being intimidated, threatened and coerced to follow vaccine mandates, then it’s likely that YOUR RIGHTS are being violated!

  • Your U.S. Constitutional Rights
  • Your State Constitutional Rights
  • Your Labor Law Rights
  • Your Civil Rights
  • Your Public Servant Rights
  • Your Civil Servant Rights
  • Your Privacy Rights
  • Your Fair Housing Rights
  • Your Fair Employment Rights
  • Your Countless Discrimination Rights

The question is, are you PREPARED to FIGHT BACK?
Here are 3 Action Steps we recommend:

Adjust the SEND TO list for your specifics union/department Representatives and Company Supervisors and the TOP Executive of your Employer. 

Please contact your union representatives and tell them EXACTLY what is on your mind, with due professional courtesy;  it is absolutely not right that they are putting the burden of this fight to Stand Up for our Constitutional Rights on Union Membership.  

We must and will fight, and will prevail, but this is THEIR job! Join upwards of 3,000+ LA City/County/State of Californian Employees is Standing Up against Medical Tyranny!

From a personal email account, email all Union representatives you can in a single email and CC or BCC civil rights attorney Sunny Wise, who is taking on a city-county-state-nationwide fight for our Movement, Freedom to Choose LA! 

We have provided the Local 18 Email addresses below and with the following, or a similar, message. Please do not delete the language in this letter that protects YOUR Federal, State, and Labor Liberties and individual sovereign rights. This is extremely important. Certainly, add to this letter and personalize it. 

Our attorney, Sunny Wise, Esq has approved this template. When they see her email, they will tremble in their boots. 

Intentionally planned for a Tactical Electronic, “shot across the bow” email overload. Let’s DO this!  

Copy & Paste the email below to:

DWP, GM Martin Adams: Martin.Adams@ladwp.com
Brian D’Arcy: ibew18@ibewlocal18.org
Luis Lozano: llozano@ibewlocal18.org
Martin Marrufo: mmarrufo@ibewlocal18.org
James Griggs: jgriggs@ibewlocal18.org
Gus Coronoa: gcorona@ibewlocal18.org
Kevin Norton: Knorton@ibewlocal18.org

CC: Sunny Wise, esq: lawofficesofhelenasunnywise@protonmail.com

To Whom It Concerns,

As a <<Your Union/Local #>> Local 18 Union member in good standing for close to <<xx>> years, many of which as an active (job description), I strongly oppose any mandates regarding mandatory vaccinations, mandatory vaccination policies, and mandatory testing and masking, for myself or any fellow members.  

I strongly oppose any form of discipline and coercion regarding my choices or any fellow members’ choices regarding personal health care decisions or surcharges against my wages to pay for testing which itself has proven to be unreliable, if not part of the problem.

If the union has already tentatively agreed to these terms, when are we, the Membership, going to be notified about the process of ratifying or rejecting the same?


<< Your First & Last Name >>


1. Forward your “coercion/harassment” company emails to your personal email 

2. Attach them in an email from your personal email address and send them to ALL of your Union Reps

3. ASK your Unions reps to please help you. 

4. Ask your Union rep how much coercion, harassment, and psychological abuse you have to endure by way of emails, phone calls, and verbal harassment before the union will file a grievance on your behalf? 

5. CC Attorney Sunny Wise, here: lawofficesofHelenaSunnyWise@protonmail.com

6. Be kind! Be encouraging and enlist their help, please.


Please Send this Email to All of your Union Reps and CC  Sunny Wise, Esq




Mr. D’Arcy

You had your Local 18 representatives, instead of yourself, meet with DWP employees to attempt to convince us that DWP was excluded from these mandates.

Further, what action has been taken by the union to protect us, the membership from the insane amount of harassment and coercion tactics leveraged by the DWP in forcing us to comply and submit to violating our own civil rights?

Do you care about the hostile working environment we are being subjected to daily?

Have you considered the emotional and mental stress we the membership are being forced to endure on a daily basis as the 10/20/2021 deadline approaches to report our vaccinated status, which is a violation of our privacy rights for an employer to even request?

 Now on the cusp of our filing, you admit to agreeing to Vaccination or the alternative PCR Testing. 

Were you intending to mislead your membership?

Obviously, the vast number of emailed messages to Local 18 received from your members fell on deaf ears.  I can assure you that threats of violence for challenging your authority is activity also prohibited in California under the Bane Act and the Ralph Civil Rights Act.

We will not tolerate threats of violence and cannot believe you never once reached out to hear what your membership had to say.

Extremely Disappointed,

Neil Stiller
Local 18 Member
IBEW 34 Years