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Action Step 4: Response to DWP Direct Work Order

If you are a DWP employee who is in receipt of a Direct Work Order (DWO) Demand To “Report Your Vaccination Status” from the DWP, we are recommending you:

1) Stand up for your rights;
2) Do not comply; and
3) Take the following Action Step.

Compose/Send an email to the following people, stating:


Your Attorney, Sunny Wise:

Local 18 Vaccine Mandates in LA-DWP-Direct Work Order Demand

To Whom it May Concern:

I am <<your name>>, <<??>> years of employment, and have been a <<your job title>> with an excellent work history at the DWP.  I am also a <<??>> year Local 18 Union Member.  

The purpose of this email is to state very clearly that the Direct Work Order Demand emailed to me yesterday from the DWP & Mr. Adams is a violation of my Rights. Therefore, I will not be entrapped into voluntarily surrendering my rights. I will not comply.

I also have the following questions of you:

  1. When will you answer all of the many questions asked by Neil Stiller in his 5 different emails?  
  2. When will you take the necessary action to help me defend and protect my rights? 
  3. What is really going on here?

Respectfully Yours,

<<your first and last name>>
DWP Employee #<<??>>
Local 18 Member #<<??>>

Below, see Neil Stiller’s response to LA County’s DWO on page 1-2, plus backup documentation of emails from Neil, referenced in the ACTION Letter above.

Neil Stiller is an L.A. County Department of Water & Power (DWP) employee, longtime IBEW Union member and Cofounder of Freedom To Choose, USA.

Action Step 4 is a continuation of Freedom To Choose USA’s Action Steps 1-3.

Article Update 12/3/21/7:42AM: Added additional documentation to PDF.


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