Operation: Lady Justice

Announcing Operation Lady Justice

UPDATED 12/3/2021 with current campaign tallies, and a new Challenge Match, offered by one generous donor!

BISHOP, CA – Freedom To Choose USA announced the kickoff of a new fundraising campaign on November 22nd, aimed at bolstering its legal defense war chest to the tune of $500,000. The fundraising campaign is appropriately called “Operation Lady Justice.”

IT’S TIME TO DEMAND JUSTICE. The goal of the campaign: to meet the immediate need of thousands of California workers and their families to FIGHT BACK against corrupt government & corporate entities, establishing a Civil & Constitutional Rights Enforcement Fund. This new endowment is truly for the People, and by the People.

Donate now to Operation Lady Justice.

The campaign calls on donors to help meet the immediate need for a legal defense fund, to defend workers and their families being threatened, coerced and persecuted by predatory employers and government agents through unfair and illegal medical mandates.

Freedom To Choose USA’s support role consists of two major components:

  1. Education & Awareness – Empower citizens to know their civil rights, realize how they’re being infringed and how to fight back and win!
  2. Civil & Constitutional Rights Enforcement – A legal defense fund to immediately defend & protect workers and their families and their right to educate & empower themselves!

Donate today and please share this article with friends and family who you think would support this endeavor! You’re encouraged to run their own mini fundraisers too, to help grow this critically important fund to EMPOWER and DEFEND workers who have been devastated by corrupt employers, forcing illegal and unhealthy vaccine mandates upon their employees!

UPDATED 12/3/2021 : CAMPAIGN TALLY = $42,956.60

Fundraising Challenge Match:
For every $50k reached, one Friend of Freedom just pledged to give an additional $1000!

Do you have a FUNdraising Challenge you’d like to challenge your fellow Freedom-Fighting Friends to meet? Email campaign Chair John Coonen today (john@freedomtochooseusa.com) with your fun challenge, so together, we can meet our fundraising goals quickly, to help everyone focus on the immediate needs of education & legal defense – Thank you!!!


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