WARNING TO ENFORCERS: Notice of Conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights

Anything repugnant to the US Constitution is null and void as if it never existed: it creates no obligation. Enforcement of the Ordinance would deprive U.S. citizens of their Constitutional rights.

Those who enacted and those who would enforce the Ordinance each swore an Oath of Loyalty to the U.S. Constitution; thus, they understand the U.S. Constitution. Per U.S. Code Title 42 Sec. 1985 the Ordinance creates a conspiracy of deprivation of rights. By having knowledge of this conspiracy and neglecting to prevent it, those culpable may be legally liable for injuries suffered.

Enforcement, discrimination, or punishment based on the Ordinance may make you …
personally liable. Neglecting to act against this conspiracy may also make you personally liable.

This Notice hereby serves to make you aware… of constitutional infringements that may be caused by Ordinance No. 187134 and serves to notify you that you can be held personally liable for violations of U.S. Code should you continue to attempt to Enforce the Ordinance against American Citizens. 


S.M. Penn


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