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IT’S TIME TO DEMAND JUSTICE. Please support Operation Lady Justice, a fundraising campaign launched by Freedom To Choose USA to meet the immediate need for Legal Fund to DEFEND FREEDOM and DEMAND JUSTICE for those who are being mistreated, maligned and mandated out of their jobs, violating their Civil & Constitutional rights.


Donate to build a Civil & Constitutional Rights Enforcement Fund for the people, by the people, in addition to continuing our Education & Awareness Campaign!

Help meet the immediate need to defend workers and their families being threatened, coerced and persecuted by predatory employers and government agents through unfair and illegal medical mandates.

  • FIGHT for your job!
  • FIGHT for your family!
  • FIGHT for your freedom!
  • FIGHT for your future!
Operation Lady Justice

Donations Support:

Education & Awareness

Empower citizens to know their civil rights, realize how they’re being infringed and how to fight back and win.

Civil & Constitutional Rights Enforcement

Legal defense fund to immediately defend & protect workers, their families, school children, elderly & infirm from tyrannical vaccine mandates, mask mandates & medical passports

Freedom To Choose USA - Choose freedom over fear
Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
Donations Beginning 3/26/23 (#34)


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