Additional Employment Information Needed

Thank you for the information you previously provided, however, we need further clarification on your records. We cannot file legal action on your behalf until you supply your employer, department and job title.* We have extended the deadline until 6:00 PM PT SUNDAY, October 17th, 2021. We appreciate your time to complete the following fields below.

  • If unemployed or retired, please list last employer/position you held.
  • If self-employed, indicate name of company as employer, department as the industry or sector the company operates within, and job title.
  • If College or University student, employer: University or College, department: major; job title: student

Be sure to enter the same email address as the notice you just received regarding this matter.

*If you have NOT previously explicitly specified your desire to move ahead with legal action against the state of California, City & County of Los Angeles by either signing the Petition or our Injunctive Relief form, then go here to fill out this form.

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