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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers regarding Freedom To Choose USA. This covers everything from from our business operation as a non-profit org to our focus on Education & Awareness, our FREE Legal Defense Fund to how we’re empowering Americans to realize and exercise their Civil & Constitutional rights.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information is secure, and held with the greatest of intentions and security.

What happens to my data when submitted by text, email or form-fill?

Every one of these emails is being forwarded to Freedom To Choose USA and saved as a pdf in YOUR ELECTRONIC DEFENSE file. Your Continued actions associated with F2C add to your personal file. This is Really About You! By participating in F2C actions such as signing the petition, adding personal background story on how you and your dependents are being affected, you are helping us Fight for You!

Are you attorneys?

No. We are not attorneys. We are hard-working citizens, each facing many of the same threats you’re facing. We have excellent legal counsel, who is working on behalf of F2C members who opted in to file suit.

Do you have experience filing class action lawsuits?

No. We have a team of tried and tested, relentless community-first advocates. This is the first time our Team has ever facilitated a Class Action Lawsuit. We are experiencing a learning curve as we follow Sunny Wise’s expert instruction on each step.

Is this lawsuit for both testing and vaccines? What about masks?

Our case is 100% AGAINST testing, mandatory vaccines, masks and ultimately the rollout of Covid-19 Vaccine Passports. As far as our attorney, Sunny Wise, is concerned The Class Action Lawsuit covers ALL “Violations of Rights.” Our website clearly reiterates that and we are definitely not capitulating.

Do I need to make a point to express my views to my employer?

YES and we suggest all correspondence be put in writing. Be sure to cc Sunny Wise, Esq. on everything. Her email for all correspondence is We must exercise our Rights. This means that we tell those who are attempting to “Control Us with Fear and Hold us Ransom by our Jobs” that their calls, emails, and face-to-face confrontations are a violation of our Rights! See this article: This Week’s Tactical Response (especially the attached document posted on our website).

Here are critical thinking questions for each of you to ponder:

  • If I don’t exercise my Rights and I comply when someone else steals them by manipulation—am I willingly surrendering them?
  • If I don’t exercise my Rights, how can I expect Civil Rights Attorney, Sunny Wise, to defend them?

I’m on maternity leave so I haven’t been tested yet, but I will have to next month or I can’t work. They allowed for saliva tests but are asking for my health insurance information which I haven’t given yet. I don’t think they need to have that. Do I push back?

YES—push back. Read this article to see how Neil Stiller has pushed back. Follow His Templates!
Be Sure to cc: Sunny Wise, Esq:

Does my employer get notified of this lawsuit?

We will publish the filed lawsuit on this website. We will also publish a “Press Release” once it is filed. You will need to send it to your employer in order to exercise your rights and say this is proof that I’m NOT in agreement with your unconditional mandates.

If the lawsuit has already been filed, is it too late for me to sign up?

No. While you may not be included in the initial Filing, we are still taking names for a second round, to be added in an amended complaint. So, you can still have representation and be a part of the lawsuit.

What do I do if I’ve already quit my job because of the mandates?

No worries! Sign up immediately! Tell us your story on why you quit! We are confident that it might just have something to do with NOT being willing to compromise or surrender you CONSTITUTIONAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS!!! We believe in ZERO TOLERANCE on this!

Can I still join if I’ve already taken the vaccine?

Yes! The lawsuit is about fighting back against the mandates. Even if you’ve had the vaccine, but you believe forcing it upon others is wrong, please join us! All are welcome! By joining us, you will be able to hold your Employer/University RESPONSIBLE for any and all “adverse reactions” because they Forced you to “Do it.” And, they most of the time even administered “getting it!”

What do I do if my manager has given me a survey requesting my vaccination status?

Take the paper.
Scan It.
Put it in a work email, with
1) a description of the scene of when you got it (you handed me this document at this date, with this weather, and time with these people around)
2) a copy of the Notice of Conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights filled with the NAME of the person who gave you the papers.
3) the phrase “This email is to document that you gave me this and my attorney will respond.”

a) Email this to the person who handed you the paper notice.
b) cc Attorney Sunny Wise at:
c) cc your PERSONAL email

It’s important that you do not fill out this survey! This is private information that your employer doesn’t need to know, not to mention a violation of your rights! Do not willingly give up this information. Furthermore, it is a “Trap.” Once you answer, you have automatically surrendered you RIGHTS to YOUR MEDICAL PRIVACY! DO NOT COMPLY!!!

What if my manager or someone at my employer calls me regarding my vaccine status?

IF YOU receive a phone call from a manager, or anyone, concerning Vax status reporting simply respond:

“Please submit your question in writing and my attorney will respond.”

No need to say anything else. BE POLITE but ASSERTIVE and do not attempt to further engage this person. You have a 5th Amendment right. Exercise it! (Not plead, exercise!)

IF YOU know you might have a discussion with a supervisor or manager, have a Notice of Conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights filled out and ready to go.

Is my union being named as a defendant in the lawsuit?

No, unions are not being sued – AT THIS TIME.

HOWEVER, if the unions do not prove to their Members that they are in full Compliance to Labor Laws with regards to their Members, we will certainly help them wish they had chosen to have been. At present, the Unions need to prove to their Members that they are acting on behalf of their Members.

At present, we have no confirmation that any of the 46 Unions desire to get on the right side of this extremely unconstitutional & civil rights violation issue.

The more the unions comply to Medical Tyranny by government leaders and employers and pressure their Members to Comply and Violate their OWN Members’ Rights, the more it looks like they are complicit.

The more they do nothing about the hostile work environment their Members are forced to work in, the more they look like they might be part of the problem. We hope they Choose to Back their Members! It would be a shame to lose the 46 Unions Power in California if it becomes a “Right to Work State!”

However, since the unions have not taken a side, it’s important that you continue to operate per the guidelines. Therefore, WE ENCOURAGE ALL UNION MEMBERS:

  • DO NOT violate your Labor Rights!
  • DO NOT withhold your dues!
  • If your Union has a “NO STRIKE RULE,” DO NOT Strike!
  • No Walk-Outs!

If you choose to do any of the above, Sunny will not be able to defend your Labor Rights! You MUST be in Good Standing with your Union.

If I work for a private employer, do I have to name them when I sign up?

Please let us explain the value of submission of your Employer.

  1. Your future loss of income for your damages in the event that government pressures them or even incentivized them to fire all unvaccinated is locked in place.
  2. What if you do get fired and then you are unemployable because you refuse to get the “jab” for religious or medical reasons? By documenting your employment & expertise in the Private Sector, you are securing your Future Settlement, WHICH HELPS ALL OF THE PLAINTIFFS. It drives the bottom-line dollar amount for damages UP UP UP!
  3. The current lawsuit is not directed at Private Sector Employers. In fact, this lawsuit will help them, because we are advocating for their small business rights in standing up against this tyrannical government overreach.

Adding your employer helps us bring overall monetary value to the lawsuit!


Please Report your Employment Information.

Are school districts included in the lawsuit?

Yes! School districts will be named as defendants in the lawsuit.

I’m hesitant to sign up because I’m concerned about retaliation. What do I do?

Retaliation is illegal and employees are protected from retaliation by Federal Law. If there is anything that might even be slightly construed as retaliation, it will only serve to aid our case and provide a better monetary outcome.

With Sunny’s Representation—the outcome would be outstanding. Look up the Don Smith vs IBEW. It went all the way to the CA Supreme Court. The IBEW paid Sunny’s client $$$$$$ !!!

Remember, if you believe you are being retaliated against, you must address that concern in writing to your employer and, again, make sure you cc Sunny Wise at

But, you must sign up here for the lawsuit first!

What if I’ve already told my employer I’m not vaccinated before I signed up at Freedom to Choose USA? And, what if I’ve already filed for a religious or medical exemption?

Excellent Question. This is OK, because you very possibly:

  1. did not understand that their questions or surveys were an intentional “set up” to cause you to surrender your Privacy Rights unknowingly?
  2. reported your status under the fear of being fired?
  3. were strong-armed by insane pressure by way of countless emails, incoming harassing calls or face-to-face confrontations by your supervisors?

SEND YOUR EMPLOYER AN EMAIL, cc: attorney Sunny Wise (, and tell them what’s on your mind about how THEY ARE VIOLATING YOUR RIGHTS!

Understand that all of it is a violation of your Rights:

  1. United States Constitutional Rights
  2. California Constitutional Rights
  3. Labor Law Rights
  4. Civil Rights
  5. Public Servant Rights
  6. Civil Servant Rights
  7. Privacy Rights
  8. Fair Housing Rights
  9. Fair Employment Rights
  10. Countless Discrimination Rights

Why am I not required to pay a retainer fee or sign a retainer agreement?

Note: This is a personal message from Freedom to Choose co-founder Neil Stiller:

Kimberly and I understand the tremendous burden being placed on all of you with these mandates. We know the struggle, heartache and anguish of potentially facing a choice between supporting our families or taking a vaccine we don’t want or need that could possibly incapacitate us or worse. We understand this hardship because we ourselves are living through it, right there alongside you.

Our oldest son recently broke his neck in a terrible accident. Thankfully, he isn’t paralyzed, but he still requires significant medical care as he continues to heal. If I lose my job, I lose my healthcare with it, not to mention the means to financially support my family (with both of my sons currently enrolled in college).

As the sole provider of my household, we can’t survive without my income and benefits. After reading and hearing some of your stories, I am humbled to see that so many of you are in exactly the same position as we are. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we’d be here and I’m sure you’ve probably told yourself the same.

We knew in our hearts that we had to fight back against the mandates. We knew that lawsuits are very effective tools at righting wrongs, so there was no question that’s where we were headed. We also knew others were willing to join us. Yet, finding good representation is expensive and so many of us are already struggling to pay our bills. However, we didn’t want anyone to be burdened with the expense of hiring a lawyer.

Without hesitation, and against our better financial judgment, Kimberly and I decided that we ourselves would shoulder all of the initial lawyer fees….for everyone!!! That’s in addition to the costs of developing our great website and the establishment of the nonprofit organization. We couldn’t bear the thought of adding more financial hardship to everyone or to create a barrier for so many wonderful people wanting to join us in this fight.

Neil Stiller

What if I have a question that isn’t answered above?

Please join our public Telegram group if you haven’t already, and post your question there. There are many knowledgeable freedom fighters there who are more than willing to answer any question you may have.

What if I am suspended without pay?


Understand—You NOW have Legal Damages! We must have Your Story! 

We will be filing our lawsuit by the end of the month.  It is Time!

We are shooting out an email to all 3,400 Freedom to Choose Plaintiffs in the event that you have either already received or may soon receive, any type of Suspension Notice from your employer, because you have chosen to Stand up against this Unconstitutional Medical Tyranny and exercise your Rights.

We are strongly encouraging you to please email Sunny immediately and document exactly what happened at:

From the beginning, we have published Education & Action Steps on our website of all of the ways for you to learn how to take action in your workplace and with your union, if you are in one, in order to exercise your Rights by way of utilizing emails and including Sunny by cc’ing her with every single thread.  By including Sunny, you are holding those who seek to bulldoze your Rights accountable.  Your emails are creating your defense folder and all supporting evidence.  Please understand the importance that by documenting all of the exact timeline with dates, times and referencing these questions of who, what, where, when, how and why in your emails, you are helping Sunny to defend your Rights which you are actively taking action to stand up for.

Who are you? 

What is your job title or job description? 

How long have you held your job? 

Where do you work? 

What department? 

Are you a Union Member? 

If yes, which Union? 

For how long? 

Who sent you home without pay? 

Identify their Names, their job descriptions or titles? 

Where did this happen? 

What is the exact Timeline? 

Did you receive documents? 

Did you sign anything? 

Did they give you a copy of what you signed? 

Did they take your company badge? 

Was anyone else a witness to this? 


How long have you been asked to stay home without pay? Is it in writing? How long has it been? 

Who else in your life is indirectly impacted with your loss of income? Children? Spouse? Elderly Family? 

How long have you been with your employer?

What exactly happened?  

What action steps have you taken to stand up for your Rights before this occurred? 

We need all of your story in order to better assess your Situation and determine the extent of the violations of your Rights by your employer. 

We really need you to provide us with more information and answer all of these questions. 

Please help us help Sunny build your evidence file by sharing your entire story. We are standing with you! You are not alone!

How do I prepare if I think I might be suspended without pay because I have been exercising my rights?

INCOMING ATTACK‼️—Be Prepared with This Knowledge BEFORE You are Cornered and Sent Home with No Pay:


You need to print up ALL of these documents and have them with you or in a folder at all times. 

Do not fall into their trap!  Educate Yourself! Make sure you have a copy of the Civil Service Rules, Admin Manual section 33, and relevant City Charter sections!  Read section 33-disciplinary action of the personnel department policy pinned above.

Take Action NOW and print it out and highlight and make notes on a bunch of sections.

Learning that intimately is going to be one of our only chances to exercise our Rights when under pressure. Be sure 

to read the civil service rules document as well over the weekend.

Stand up for YOUR Rights! These are tough times, we truly must support each other and stand up to our supervisors.  As Gabe has said, if you get called into the office, ask if this conversation can possibly lead to disciplinary action. If so, shut it down until you have representation by your side. You don’t have to accept the documents and the supervisors know it, they’re “just doing their job”. Hold them accountable! Only your first level supervisor can pull you into the office, not a few levels up. We still have the leading edge here, I realize they’re pushing us, and trying to get us to roll over. 

Please stand up for your freedom and reach out to Our Team for on Telegram if you need support..

State with Confidence—“I just want you to know that I KNOW MY RIGHTS.” 

This has everything you need in order for you to be ready to STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS in the event YOU are called into a meeting with your supervisor. If your direct Supervisor is NOT present—DO NOT FOLLOW THEM INTO ANY ROOM. Be Sure there are others who are witnessing. No other person, in the chain of Command, has a legal right to talk to crew members one on one!!! People, PLEASE read the Civil Service Rules, and the Administrative Manual!!!

We are providing YOU bullet points to follow, so you don’t  forget any important step.

Sometimes under pressure we forget all the things we are supposed to do and say.

If you are notified by Email to attend a meeting—PLEASE Do this: 

You can reply to the calendar invite, with the Response icon, and respectfully request your 5 day postponement, so that your legal representation can be present.  You need to have this right!  Make sure that you get read receipts for your reply to the calendar invite.  Do not agree to the meeting, until you get your legal representation!

If you are Verbally instructed to join a Meeting by your Direct Supervisor-You ASK:

1. “Could this meeting lead to discipline?”

2. If they say “yes” 


Quoting your Weingarten Rights! Your main goal at this point is shutting down the meeting and not accepting any documents. If you do receive documents, file grievances immediately! This statement may be used when a worker is faced with a possible Disciplinary related Conversation or Hearing. 

Memorize it or Read it to them off of your phone: 

“I believe this discussion could lead to my being Disciplined. I, <<Your Full Name>>, therefore request that my Union Representative or Officer or my Attorney, Sunny Wise, be present to assist me at this meeting. I further request reasonable time to consult with my Representative of my Choice regarding the Subject and Purpose of the Meeting. Please consider this a Continuing Request; without Representation—I shall NOT participate in this Discussion, I shall NOT consent to any Searches or Tests affecting my person, property, or effects without first consulting with my personally Chosen Representative. “ 

“Therefore—This conversation needs to stop. We will not have this meeting until I can have my representative with me (either your Union shop Stewart or a lawyer). You can meet again in 5 days”

NOTE: If your FIRST LEVEL Supervisor is calling you into a meeting, you must go.

Upon entering into the office, or seeing your FIRST LEVEL Supervisor, you should immediately ask the question of discipline.  If yes, you have the script of what to say.

FOLLOW IT!  If no, I just have to give you this notice, then politely say that you feel this has to do with COVID, and can lead to discipline!  Refuse to discuss the matter further, without representation, and for Heaven’s sake, DON’T allow them to hand you a notice!! 



5. Take a picture of the Harassment paperwork with them in the background (you will be emailing Sunny Wise that later) You Hand them back their Harassment paperwork. 

6. Serve them ALL with the Deprivation of Rights Document individually. Be sure to write their names one each separately prepared document. 

7. You do NOT need to leave work, and you DO get to come back to work the next day. You can be at work until the meeting with your first level and your Representation of your choice (Sunny or Your Union Shop Steward) actually happens.

8. If they don’t believe you, present them with section 33 of from their Policies of the Personal Department.

When the meeting is DONE.

1. Contact your Shop Stewart and/or Sunny Wise, YOUR Lawyer IMMEDIATELY by email see below! 

2. Immediately Fill out your: 

*Union Grievance Form

*You must file your Civil Service Grievance Form within 5 Days of being sent home-online or go to Personal Department at 700 Temple Street, Los Angeles. 

*File for Unemployment—online. 

3. Email Sunny the photo along with all the exact details of the meeting. See the Damage Control Article for details on what to do after you’ve been sent home without pay.

I hope this packet will help YOU to be more prepared and be able to EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS correctly.