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Freedom To Choose Means…

Freedom to Choose Movement is just that—Freedom to Choose what You Put Into YOUR BODY!

Freedom to Choose means we believe that because it is your body, it is therefore, YOUR FREEDOM to Choose to decide to get the COVID-19 vaccine OR not to get it.

F2C is NOT Anti-Vax. Many of us Here believe strongly in Vaccines, and have had many of them.

We believe in Educating EVERYONE about Exercising THEIR RIGHTS—this begins with learning what Rights YOU Actually Have! This is HUGE!

We are ACTIVELY Taking the Legal Steps to ENFORCE and UPHOLD our RIGHTS in the Courts of Law!

We support EVERYONE who has made either of the two choices – If you are suffering with any adverse effects from getting the vaccine and your employer forced you to get it—your employer WILL BE HELD LIABLE, whereas none of the pharmaceutical companies are liable as they have immunity.

If you are exercising your Civil and Constitutional Rights and maintaining your medical privacy Rights for you and your Children, we are holding everyone accountable who is actively violating your Rights even if they think they are “just doing their job” to enforce this tyranny!

No one is above the law! Educate yourself NOW about your rights!


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