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In LA City Cease & Desist is Happening

The EAA Union is taking an action and demanding a Cease & Desist here in L.A. City! 
Supposedly dated 9/29/21, although only released today, to some of its members 10/8/21 after an extensive email exchange with our very own Sunny Wise, Esq., and our Freedom to Choose L.A. EAA Members! 
Sunny, in a text says, “ “She’s the lovely lady who was yelling and screaming that I was writing them… don’t you think that if they had written that letter they would have produced it long before now?”
KEEP IT UP! Your Email are Working!!! 
“… In the last 24 hours, we were notified for the first time that it was the City of Los Angeles’ intention to discipline employees who have either failed to inform their department of their vaccination status or informed their department that they would not be vaccinated. We were further informed that the City of Los Angeles was starting to begin this process as early as October 1, 2021. The City of Los Angeles’ uniliteral decision to implement discipline for the unvaccinated violates Ordinance 187134, the Employee Relations Ordinance (ERO) and California Government Code section 3503….”

S. M. Penn

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Kimberly and Neil Stiller 
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