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LA Lawsuit Update

Lawsuit was filed Dec 12, 2021. The courts and 64 public official defendants had been playing games with refusing service, assigning a judge, and other legal gamesmanship to avoid and distract. Sunny had to re-serve defendants, reply to demurrers and amend the approximately 120 page complaint.

The lawsuit has not been dismissed, unlike many other lawsuits all over the city and county, filed by much more prestigious and well-known corporate law firms with little or no labor law, constitutional, or state of California constitutional law experience.

FreedomtoChooseLA/USA board of directors has been working to help attorney Sunny Wise with all of the data management. All voluntarily. It is a monumental task for a grassroots organization that is less than one year old to accomplish. They have put in long arduous nights. They are very dedicated to the fight and have volunteered countless hours to our cause.

Our attorney Sunny Wise is a freedom-fighting warrior with forty years of labor law, constitutional law, discrimination and work place harassment law experience under her belt. She has won many cases for the working class person.

She has been working diligently and strategically relying on the board of directors and volunteer team for her administrative support over the last year to meet court deadlines and supply invaluable data collected, organized and safeguarded by the F2C board of directors.

This is a monumental case, and this is a donations-only operation. The work being put in to fight for our FREEDOMS and against this MEDICAL TYRANNY is huge.

Freedom To Choose USA runs on generous donations from Patriots and freedom fighters. Currently, Sunny is basically operating just to cover expenses from the generous donations we have received through our website, here:

The expenses are piling up and we have never required members to donate to be a part of the lawsuit. 100% of the donations go to educating the public and fighting this fight.


Please go to our website and click on the donate button. Help us with a $2.00 or $2000.00 donation – whatever you can afford during this challenging economic situation. It will be greatly appreciated and used to fight against the MEDICAL TYRANNY being perpetrated against public and private sector employees.

FreedomtoChooseLA/USA financial obligations have been met predominantly with generous donations from visitors to the website. Our resources have dwindled to basically zero in the bank account now. The legal filings cost money and there are many.

The website has a fee to host it every month and plenty of other expenses especially gasoline to and from court and representing grievants all over the city against their employers working on firing them.

I’m so honored and humbled by the unprecedented support and encouragement of the F2C plaintiffs and board members.

My wife and I could never have known that a short little text message to eight or so colleagues from work that I sent out on Labor Day weekend 2021 asking who will stand with me against the MEDICAL TYRANNY being perpetrated against us by our employers would’ve become such an amazing movement, now over 6700 plaintiffs and continuing to grow.

I humbly ask again for your financial support to help keep our lawsuit moving forward. Please go to our website; and click the donate button.

In gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you,

Neil Stiller
Co-founder, F2C
Electrical Repairer
LADWP, IBEW Local 18


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