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Lawsuit Filed In Los Angeles Superior Court

At 4:44 pm today, Sunday, 12-12-2021, together with their attorney, Helena Sunny Wise, the Co-Founders Kimberly & Neil Stiller of the Freedom to Choose Movement did file in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, CA its complaint against the over reach of multiple government agencies in The Golden State of California by the use of tyrannical medical mandates through forced Covid-19 Vaccination, Masking, Testing and Passports.

More than 4,747 Plaintiffs and Dependents, many who have already been Suspended / No Pay from their jobs, have chosen to courageously stand up, under threat of being fired, for their unalienable God-Given Rights, are named in this Complaint which clearly explains the extent of multiple violations of their Civil & Constitutional Rights, including and not limited to both Religious & Medical Discrimination and Privacy Rights violations, in the 297 page filing.

Said Cofounder Neil Stiller, “We The People of California will not stand idly by as the-powers-that-be seek to destroy our Freedom. We choose freedom over fear.”

About Freedom To Choose USA

Freedom to Choose Movement is a Bishop, California-based non-profit organization committed to Education, Awareness & Grassroots Legal Enforcement of citizens’ rights. (EAGLE).

Downloadable Document

View or download the 297 page PDF case document here on Freedom To Choose USA’s Resource Vault. F2C will replace this copy with a stamped copy with a case number once it has been assigned by the court.


Contact Freedom To Choose USA Cofounders Kimberly & Neil Stiller

To help fund this movement, donations are being accepted by Freedom To Choose USA.

1) 12/12/21 at 10:32PM with proper 297 page count (originally said 247pps); Added headlines regarding About & Downloads.


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