Legal Update - Freedom To Choose Plaintiffs

May 3rd, 2023 Lawsuit Update on Case# 21STCV45243

Freedom To Choose’s Hearing began at 9:30am this morning, May 3rd, 2023. The defendants were LAUSD and LACOE, the two educational employers that are named in our Lawsuit.

Above you can see many F2C Plaintiffs pictured who came to the hearings today. There were a few more who left before we took the shot. People started arriving around 8:30. My wife, another F2C Board Member and I were greeting people as they showed up. We gave Plaintiffs “Freedom To Choose” Tee shirts that were donated by another F2C Board Member.

I first met our attorney, Sunny Wise, out front of the courthouse. She asked me if I saw her text that she had told us that judge Takasugi had filed a preliminary decision on the defendants’ motions. I told her I hadn’t.

She said it was bad, that he was ruling in the defendants’ favor, so basically he was kicking it out. So that wasn’t a great start to our day. But things got better.

She said she was going to argue, so that’s what she did.

The defendants’ attorneys claims were the same as in the past hearing (March 29th): that the claims were vague, without details, and they didn’t know who is suing whom, for what, by what person, therefore we didn’t have any grounds to sue them.

Well, Sunny rebutted by quoting the case, page by page, in detail. Then, she pointed out the obvious: the plaintiffs were in the courtroom. 😀. Sunny also explained to the court that there are disputed facts that need to be argued, therefore this case needs to be heard.

There was about an hour of arguments, mostly spoken by Sunny Wise. She spoke for 30 minutes in total; two defendants’ attorneys spoke about 5 minutes each, and the rest by the judge.

The judge said “I’ll take that under advisement,” I think were the words, and “I’ll see you next week.” So he did not stand on his preliminary decision and we’ll have to wait and see.

That’s it for the front-line update. Bottom line: ITS ALIVE



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