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Neil Stiller is Exercising His Rights!

TODAY’s Email Dated 10/16/2021 – Please see below proof that Neil is doing what he is encouraging all fellow Union Members to do!  He has sent 4 Emails to Local 18, IBEW Union Representatives:

1. Email 9/6/2021 Labor Day Email Campaign Notice of Member Stance on Mandates to Local 18 and Seeking to Know if Local 18  intends to Notify Membership of Ratifying or Rejecting Agreements Related to Mandates
2. Email 9/21/2021 Seeking Statement of Local 18 Support of Membership against these Rights Violations
3. Email 10/6/2021  Invitation to Stand with your Membership!
4 Email 10/16/2021 Did You Intentionally Mislead Membership?


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