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November Education & Awareness Campaign Update

Our Freedom To Choose USA education & awareness campaign continues to empower people to stand firm and fight medical tyranny. We continue to ensure everything is clear and consistent via Freedom To Choose USA‘s many communication channels: Telegram channels, Website content, LIVE events, Zoom Calls, individual phonecalls & texts, and also, our fundraising campaign, which has just kicked off in earnest. Our E/A Campaign continues, ensuring we all have common understanding to know:

1. HOW TO IDENTIFY WHEN YOUR RIGHTS ARE BEING INFRINGED UPON AND WHAT TO DO – website being updated regularly with more NEW practical advice!;

2. WHY citizens are being denied our freedoms; 

3. HOW DEEP & WIDESPREAD this attack is;

4. WHO is propagating the attack;

5. WHICH MSM channels are spreading misinformation& disinformation to attack US (you) with fake news, AKA Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt (aka FUD) and call them out;

6. WHAT DAMAGES are being forced illegally upon you and WHEN THOSE DAMAGES BEGAN;

7. HOW YOU CAN WISELY & CALMLY RESPOND LIKE A WINNER TO KEEP A LEGITIMATE LEGAL TALLY — financially, physically, and mentally — being waged against you so we can TOGETHER with CLASS Action, DEMAND COMPENSATION BACK FOR YOU — PLUS DAMAGES against these tyrants;

This all helps us to prioritize our collective & unified counter-attack, what artillery to use in our arsenal on your behalf to defend YOUR FREEDOM AGAINST THE CORRUPT & MISGUIDED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Government agencies
  • School Districts & their board members
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Associations & Membership Organizations
  • Corporate conspirators
  • One more thing: ALL Fiduciary Officers are also personally liable. Officers (all Presiding Officers, Board Members, Superintendents, Administrators, CEOS, COOs, CFOs, et. al.) have a fiduciary duty to act lawfully without malice, and they are willfully and wantonly ignoring that duty. Dereliction of duty puts them in breach of fiduciary duty, making them both professionally and personally liable. Perhaps they didn’t realize their family fortunes are currently in jeopardy?

Anyone who thinks we’re not serious about going into battle for our members? Think again.

We also will continue educating, informing, and connecting fellow members to focus on WHY it’s critically important to FIGHT BACK NOW with RELENTLESS COURAGE, WHAT LEGAL TOOLS are available to you to protect & defend your rights and the rights of your families, children, parents, and dependents.

Critically important, since real damages ARE BEING IMPOSED UPON MEMBERS NOW, we will serve to educate, inform & connect you to fellow freedom fighters on ways you and your family can rise out the storm – food, shelter, healthcare, moral support & more!

The FIGHT is REAL, so you MUST step up to take care of of yourself and your neighbors during this crisis. You always knew this fight would not be easy. This is a battle and we must ALL be strong and supportive to WIN.


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