Recommended Reading - On the Commonwealth

On The Commonwealth

I highly suggest reading “On The Commonwealth” by Cicero. Here is a taste of “On the Commonwealth, and a link to a PDF so you can read it in its entirety.

“There will not be one law at Rome and another at Athens, one now and another later; but all nations at all times will be bound by this one eternal and unchangeable law, and the god will be the one common master and general (so to speak) of all people. He is the author, expounder, and mover of this law; and the person who does not obey it will be in exile from himself. Insofar as he scorns his nature as a human being, by this very fact he will pay the greatest penalty, even if he escapes all the other things that are generally recognized as punishments….”

Marcus Tullius Cicero
On The Commonwealth

Finally, a reminder here to read and comprehend the Constitution The Constitution Reader is a great collection of primary sources about the Constitution and its philosophy. Simply click below to begin browsing. 



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