Neil & Kimberly Stiller interviewed by Clay Clark

One Couple’s & One Lawyer’s Fight Against the COVID-19 Shot Mandates

Originally published on Rumble: In response to a letter sent to Clay Clark, Founder of the Reawaken America Tour, Clay Clark interviewed Neil & Kimberly Stiller on his Thrivetime Show, accompanied with this article republished below.

COVID-19 Shots | Neil and Kimberly Stiller | One Couple’s & One Lawyer’s Fight Against the COVID-19 Shot Mandates

Inspired by your recently published And We Know interview with LT, together with my obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, I, Kimberly Stiller, write in order to both share an amazing story and introduce you to a highly influential patriot here in California, my courageous husband, and Freedom Fighter, Neil Stiller who is also the awesome father of our two adult sons, David & Jonathan.

His story is one of massive action to educate and inform Californians, by creating the nonprofit, Freedom to Choose L.A. (F2C), in order to streamline the process of increasing understanding about our G_D-given rights, not to mention all of our state and federal constitutional, civil, labor and public servant rights as well as our rights to privacy and religious freedom in our jobs, schools and
communities. Neil realized the importance of personally setting the standard in the workplace of how to exercise one’s rights, and then ultimately took legal action to enforce those rights in the courts in order to bring accountability.

Clay Clark interviews Neil & Kimberly Stiller


Find all of the technology referenced on today’s show below:

Read full article on Rumble here

See this article of Kimberly Stiller’s letter to Clay Clark, appealing for Clay and others to increase awareness in MANY AMERICANS’ FIGHT for their Freedom of Choice here in the USA. This interview was an answer to that plea! Thank you, Clay Clark, Scotty Saks, and others who helped make this possible!


Special shout-out to Mr. Scotty Saks and his crew at Sovereign Radio! Special thanks to Mr. Saks for his introduction Neil & Kimberly Stiller to Clay Clark at Thrive Time Show and LT at And We Know. Scotty Saks is a Board Member of Freedom To Choose USA. You can listen to uncensored patriot radio on Sovereign Radio, here:

Scotty Saks Sovereign Radio


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