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Open Letter To Clay Clark, Founder Reawaken America Tour

Editor’s Note: The following is a letter sent to Clay Clark, Founder of the Reawaken America Tour, and host of ThriveTimeNetwork, sent by F2C Co-founder Kimberly Stiller. The letter seeks support from Mr. Clark’s massive audience of podcast listeners, conference attendees, entrepreneurs and readers. The letter was prompted by the Holy Spirit to be written by Kimberly, after listening to a podcast in which Mr. Clark interviewed LT, Publisher of And We Know.

Listen to Clay Clark’s interview on Rumble, here: From Worldly to a new PERSON in Christ. A LIFE made for this TIME!

Dear Mr. Clark,

Inspired by your recently published And We Know interview with LT, together with my obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, I, Kimberly Stiller, write in order to both share an amazing story, and to introduce you to a fierce patriot here in California, my courageous husband, and Freedom Fighter, Neil Stiller. He is a father to our two adult sons, David & Jonathan.

Neil’s story is one of massive action to educate, inform and activate Californians in response to recent inhumane and illegal mandates, forced upon workers by California’s governing bodies. Neil created the nonprofit, Freedom to Choose L.A. (F2C), in order to streamline the process of increasing understanding about our G_D-given rights, not to mention all of our state and federal Constitutional, civil, labor and public servant rights as well as our rights to privacy and religious freedom in our jobs, schools and communities.

He realized the importance of personally setting the standard in the workplace of how to exercise one’s rights, and then ultimately took legal action to enforce those rights in the courts in order to bring accountability.

The story began in his workplace. A 30+ year IBEW, Local 11 & 18 Union Member, Neil works as an Electrical Repairer in Power Generation, for the City of Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power (LADWP) .

By August 2021, the City and County of Los Angeles had aligned themselves with the Governor in rolling out VAXX Mandates for all city, county and state employees under threat of being terminated if not followed.

This came with the highest levels of coercion imaginable.

Although Neil and I are personally opposed to “the jab,” (for they are NOT true vaccines), the freedom movement Neil started is about having the FREEDOM to CHOOSE to be jabbed or NOT.

Building The Legal Case: Attorney Sunny Wise

In order to ensure that everyone was able to exercise their RIGHT to accept or deny their own medical treatment, he moved to retain Constitutional, Labor & Civil Rights expert Helena Sunny Wise, Esq. Sunny ultimately filed the largest lawsuit in the Nation against the Unconstitutional VAXX Mandates, in the Superior Court of The State of California, County of Los Angeles on 12/12/2021, FreedomtoChooseLA, etc. vs. The State of California, et al. 5 21STCV45243.

We recently amended the case on 07/28/2022, in response to multiple demurrers, more than 4,700 had joined in the filing on December 13, 2021. The size of our Plaintiffs list has increased substantially ever since, with significant numbers of first responders, including firefighters and nurses, joining in F2C’s fight!

The first-hand accounts about the devastating effects the VAXX mandates have had on members and their families can not be taken lightly, while we are reminding our assigned Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jonathan Takasugi, of the plight his father, now deceased federal jurist Robert Takasugi, experienced when he was placed in a Japanese concentration camp in Tulelake, California during World War II.

Freedom Over Fear

Neil and I are united in our powerful stand against tyranny and believe that when Fear knocks, Courage answers!

Fear is simply the instrument that activates Courage. We have learned to take fear and use it as fuel to Stand up for Justice, Fight for our Freedoms and Advance the Kingdom of G_D on earth as it is in Heaven! We believe that we were both “chosen for such a time as THIS” and that the entirety of our lives, up to this moment in time, has been G D’s divine Bootcamp of Preparation.

The trials, tests and challenges of our past have shaped our purpose, and form the foundation of the pulpit from which we preach the unconditional love of G_D. We now use our trials as a testimony of G_D’s love, grace, sovereignty and omnipotence! We are here, ready, willing and able to lean into the storm, get out of the boat and walk on water, all the while setting our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!

Answering The Call

I will set the stage by sharing that Neil has willingly answered the call of G_D, like Moses, to “set my people free” in the seemingly, (but not for long) Communist State of California, from the unconstitutional Medical Apartheid which still abounds today, by establishing a non-profit organization named Freedom to Choose LA, in October of Neil’s attitude is “Not on My Watch!” He refuses to stand by idly and allow evil to abound, especially against our nation’s children!

In September of 2021, Neil sent out 8 texts over a period of 3 days to a few LADWP colleagues, seeking to discover “who else will stand up with me” against the unconstitutional, civil and human rights violations of these tyrannical VAXX mandates? And the response was unbelievable!

Our lives have never been the same since that 2021 Labor Day weekend, where, in just 3 days, over 800 desperate individuals had texted Neil to “add me to Neil’s List!” It soon became evident that Neil needed a name for his list … that was the birthing of Freedom to Choose L.A., also known as Freedom to Choose USA, (or “F2C” for short).

And so F2C began!

Explosive Growth (And Immense PAIN)

That ripple effect was astronomical; 90 days later, there were 4,700 individuals standing with us. We are people of massive action! Our entire marriage is characterized by advocating for others, giving a voice to the voiceless and standing up against injustice. Learn more about our commitment to helping the disenfranchised on the “About” page on our website,

We were both fielding calls almost 20 hours around the clock during the first 90 days from individuals who shared their heart wrenching stories and testimonies about why to get the VAXX, why not to get the VAXX, adverse reactions, threats by employers etc … ! We cried with so many complete strangers who are now champions of this movement.

We understood their pain on so many levels. The gratitude expressed to Neil moved my heart to its core!

We found ourselves praying the prayer of salvation with callers, reading scriptures with them, late nights of walking folks back off the ledge, encouraging others, inspiring still others, not to mention “red-pilling” many, all while raising a standard of G_D’s Truth by being a beacon of Hope as Patriots.

This was the launch of the most organic, grass-roots movement we had ever witnessed. We went from being “the electrician and the retired hairdresser” and to Civil, Human & Constitutional Rights Activists overnight!

Months later, we continue to answer hundreds of texts and calls from Californians up and down the state. We have an incredibly talented volunteer Board of Directors and a volunteer Team who support us on every level as we all work tirelessly to research, dig and exercise due
diligence for our attorney.

It’s truly amazing to see all The Lord has done in this last year to help Americans rise up and fight back.

We Fight Together

By December 12, 2021, which is the intentional date we waited to file the lawsuit in the state of California, FreedomtoChooseLA officially launched its massive fight of exposing the Truth about the Medical Fraud, in order to encourage others to stand up against:

  1. Forced Covid Vaccines
  2. Mandatory PCR Testing
  3. Mandatory Masking
  4. Microsoft Daily Pass in our schools and
  5. Vaccine Passports that were being ro lled out everywhere else in California.

We have 32 Front Page Plaintiffs (two of whom had lost their jobs), and their 77 Dependents, standing with us. These people chose to share the ” bullseye” we had on our chest, courageously facing their fears and allowing themselves to be named “above the line,” next to our names, on the front page of the lawsuit.

Our list of Plaintiffs is vast and far-reaching, and encapsulates every sector of society in California. We have a large number of named union Members from over 47 different Unions, both medical and first responders, all different divisions of local, state and federal law enforcement, civil and public servants, Federal employees, military both active duty and veterans .

We have private sector employees, retirees, self-employed individuals, and countless parents of public-school children who are simply enraged with the systematic undermining of their parental authority and who simply want to protect and shield their children from these money hungry bureaucrats, who seem to have sold their souls to the highest bidder in exchange for promises to boast that 100% of the students are VAXXED in one of the largest public-school districts in the Nation.

But we, like many parents in California, are determined to protect and rai se up a generation of strong, healthy, proactive and intelligent individuals who will use their minds to exercise discernment so that they need not succumb to the whims of bureaucrats out of ignorance or fear. That is why we added not just the spouses, but the children, in the number of plaintiffs.

Banana Republic

The list of Judicial System Shenanigans that F2C’s case has endured is simply “off the charts.” We watched multiple judges literally play “hot potato” with our case in the beginning and then witnessed a Judge who attempted to hijack our case and covertly merge it with another “like” case with similar charges, only to be caught red-handed.


Multiple cases throughout CA had already been arbitrarily tossed out prior to F2C’s filing. With dismay, we watched the well-publicized Firefighters 4 Freedom case get thrown out several times, before finally making it back into court on appeal. We are so thrilled that the Firefighters 4 Freedom Board have now asked Sunny Wise, our F2C Champion Attorney, to help with their own case. This movement is gaining momentum!

United We Stand

Eight months later, our F2C Case has endured and is still growing in leaps and bounds with more Plaintiffs and their families! We Are Standing Firm and are Still in The Fight!

We strategically laid out the 15 Causes of Action or actual violations of our Constitutional Rights, both against the State of California’s Constitution and the US Constitution, Civil Rights Violations, Human Rights Violations, Labor Rights Violations, Fair Housing and Fair Employment Rights Violations.

Here Are The Violations, In Order:

  • Violation Of Privacy Rights;
  • Denial of Equal Protection;
  • Right to an Equal Education;
  • Violation of Right to Refuse Medical Treatment;
  • Unlawful Discrimination on basis of Association;
  • Redress of Perceived Disability Discrimination;
  • Redress of Forced Genetic Testing;
  • Redress of Proscribed Harassment;
  • Redress Discrimination Due to Religious Beliefs;
  • Unlawful Failure to Accommodate;
  • Failure to Engage in Good Faith Interactive;
  • Redress of Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) Retaliation;
  • Redress Retaliation due to Whistleblowing;
  • Declaratory Relief, and lastly, the Writ of Mandate

We even filed DFEH Charges Against State of California, City of LA, LA County, LA Unified School District and LA County Office of Education. Our case is so strong and valid that we were granted the highly coveted, “right to sue” letters by the DFEH!

Read DFEH here:

We named as Defendants, every single person in the Governing Legislation for:

  1. The State of California
  2. The County of Los Angeles
  3. The City of Los Angeles
  4. Schools and Governing Entities

We claim that their rationale for the forced VAXX mandates for all City/County/State employees lacks common sense, and then we clearly and masterfully mapped out “why” for them.

The 64 named Defendants that were served, happen to be multiple CA Bureaucrats, elected and appointed Government and political leader, and Civil/Public Work Employers, from the Mayor of Los Angeles to the Governor, in their official capacity.

Our Amended Filing on the 28th of July, 2022 to Judge Jonathan Takasugi revealed our Plaintiffs and their Dependents, numbers had grown significantly. This organic growth by word of mouth that started with Neil’s eight texts, less than a year ago, is simply statistically incredible!

Please click the link for Neil’s most recent case update. https ://

Together with our G_D fearing, “red-pilled” attorney, Sunny Wise, who masterfully structured our strategic assault, we are taking a bold stand with this massive action to rise up in fierce opposition against what we believe is just another deep state agenda.

We chose to establish the non-profit in order to allow individuals to make donations. Our Team works on a volunteer basis. Our resources go to Education of the Public about their Constitutional, Civil & Human Rights, not to mention their G_D given Rights and how to Exercise and Fight to Keep those Rights!

This Is Undoubtedly a G_D-Breathed Passion!

We have boldly opened all meetings in prayer and expect G_D to lead and direct our every move. By G_D’s grace, our numbers increased with very little to no advertising, marketing and publicity, as so many plaintiffs were threatened with firing.

Life on planet earth devolved tragically as a result of COVID and the impact that the mandates had on people’s lives cannot be minimized. Threats of losing one’s retirement and health benefits over being fired loomed over everyone’s heads for the first half of 2021.

Adding Injury To Insult

These tyrannical threats of loss of income, benefits and pension were exceptionally disconcerting to us because, just four months earlier, on April 7th, 2021, our eldest son, David, at the age of 20 years old, had a serious injury. In an extreme dirt-bike motorcycle near-death accident, he broke his neck. Specifically, his C1 vertebrae, in three places, for a total of 11mm of separation.

My precious husband, an incredible man of faith, made a deal with G_D that he would read the Bible every day for the rest of his life if G_D would heal his son. This is only ONE of the very incredible set of circumstances in our 23 years of marriage that have prepared
us “for such a time as this!”

Long-story-short … With no surgical intervention, G_D miraculously and mercifully healed our David in seven months, through prayers, fasting and standing on more than 120 healing scriptural promises in G D’s Word-David IS 100% Healed today.

Hallelujah & AMEN for his healing!!!

While he miraculously needed no surgical intervention, the year-long medical ordeal relied heavily on Neil’s health benefits to receive the healthcare David needed (editor’s note).

The massive takeaway from David’s accident was that we knew in that moment before Labor Day weekend, that if this was our story, there were undoubtedly others with similar, if not worse stories.

These hardworking American patriots needed a strategy to save their health benefits, pensions and jobs. Neil, like Braveheart, decided to rise up and yell with the roar of a lion, “For Freedom!”

Championing Others

Neil is a non-conformist, authentic, rugged deep-sea fisherman, biker, no “B.S.” kinda-guy, who wears flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt. In Hebrew, his name means, “Champion / Guardian.”

Neil is neither afraid of the litigation process nor the possible onslaught of attacks his family might endure for righteousness’ sake.

He is ready to encourage his family to take this on like David, who ran to meet Goliath with his five stones and slingshot! He believes that, “If God is with us, which massive, globalist Giant can prevail against us?!!!

He knows that G_D uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and that G_D uses unconventional weapons to defeat His
enemies. WE are clearly fighting a Spiritual War and it is with sincere fear and trembling before G D that Neil answered The Call.

My Humble Request

I humbly request that you ask The Lord what to do with this story. This is what is needed. We need people to pray!

  • For strength and provision for those currently suffering under these tyrants
  • For our movement to gain nationwide and worldwide momentum
  • For wisdom and strategies on how to navigate this battlefield
  • s. For our case to be victorious so that others will know how to fight the tyrants in their communities
  • That G_D would use the current world crisis to bring humanity to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • we need help to let the masses know what we are doing here In CA.

Forget “Mainstream Media.” We Need Exposure In Alternative News Circles.

Now is The Time! If Neil’s story can encourage others around the world to stand up against the tyranny of the Satanic agenda of the New World Order, then please get Neil’s story out there.

People need to see an ordinary man be used by an extraordinary G_D to accomplish extraordinary things.

It’s Time To Fight. We Need Donations.

We need those who are able to donate and sow seed into the field of the F2C Fight for Freedom.

Our desire is to have our fight inspire and encourage others to action. We need to win this court case, not just for our plaintiffs, but for America – for the world. With greater exposure we hope to pierce the very underbelly of The Beast, knowing that this battle belongs to The Lord!

All Neil did was answer The Lord’s Call to be the change we so desperately want to see in our great nation. Once we get through this initial filing and answering phase of the court process, the real battle begins and we need all the resources we can get to fund this massively important court case and be able to take it all the way to a huge victory for everyone, especially our childrens’ children!

Please know we are willing to share our story live. We believe in everything that you are doing with the mandate of your Vision to Help Save America and Turn People back to G_D. Neil and I have been actively educating people about the Great Awakening since 2017.

We assembled a Team to do just that, and they are here standing alongside us still. This endeavor will be just one of the many “Calls to Action” that the Holy Spirit leads us to tackle in order to rebuild America and ultimately turn people back to G_D in the future.

Clay, I thank you for taking the time to read Neil’s amazing story. I pray that G_D moves you to tell my husband’s story as a Freedom Fighter and Patriot who has inspired others to Hold The Line out here on the West Coast!

I believe that what Neil started and has successfully maintained is incredibly important and I personally wanted you to know
about my precious husband, Neil, and our Movement, Freedom to Choose USA.

Ever Determined & Hopeful,
Kimberly Stiller
Co-Founder, Freedom to Choose USA

P.S. My prayer for you and your family, Clay:
“May G_D Bless YOU and keep YOU,
protect YOU, sustain YOU
and guard YOU;

The Lord make His face shine upon YOU,
with His Favor, and be gracious to YOU,
surrounding YOU with loving kindness;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon YOU,
with His divine approval,
AND give YOU peace,
that tranquil heart and life.”


Numbers 6: 24-26 AMP


Education, Awareness, Grass-Roots Legal Enforcement on behalf of U.S. Citizens – This is what Freedom To Choose USA is all about. See our case in the Superior Court of The State of California, County of Los Angeles on 12/12/2021, FreedomtoChooseLA, etc. vs. The State of California, et al. 5 215TCV45243

Read Case here:


In response to this letter, Clay Clark contacted Kimberly & Neil to interview them LIVE on his Thrivetime Show, Saturday, August 27th, 2022!

Clay Clark interviews Neil & Kimberly Stiller for Thrivetime Show, Live. Here is a link to that interview.


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