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By my signature below, I believe in the SOVEREIGN RIGHTS guaranteed by the United States Constitution & the State of California’s Constitution.  I understand and wish to secure my rights and (if applicable, the rights of my family, children and dependents, including the right to privacy and to have exclusive dominion over my (our) own body(s), particularly with respect to health care decisions. 

Therefore, I affirm that I oppose any and all mandates regarding forced unethical Covid-19 mandatory vaccinations, mandatory vaccination policies, mandatory passports, mandatory testing and mandatory masking, for myself, my children / dependents (if applicable), and all other public and private sector employees in the City and County of Los Angeles, let alone elsewhere in the State and throughout the United States.  

By signing this petition, I agree to allow my name, job classification and if applicable, union affiliation, to be used in court litigation, if necessary.  If I have shared personal circumstances on this Website that I would want communicated publicly, i.e. Vaccination Adverse Events and whether I have experienced the effects of shedding of the Spike Protein, then I agree that those  details may be revealed to the public, the media and to judicial officers to demonstrate the compelling urgency to enjoin the mandates agreed to by the City and County of Los Angeles, and other public and private sector Employers in California and throughout the United States. As some of us are aware, it has been a matter of life or death, or debilitating illness from which full recovery is not yet known.

I categorically oppose any form of discrimination or retaliation which has been threatened or will soon be issued.  I urge the very politicians who have adopted these mandates to extend all deadlines until a proper education from medical professionals, including pathologists, and scientists, can be heard about the consequences of Covid vaccinations, testing and masking.  I find it highly offensive that the President of the United States, Joseph Biden, has announced that federal employees and the military, as well as all employees of Employers who receive federal monies must comply, yet Congress and their staffs, as well as Postal Workers and federal court employees need not comply.  

I firmly believe that all threats of intimidation, regardless of the source, must cease since dedicated employees are being threatened with disciplinary action, ranging from reprimands and counseling to suspensions and terminations, to announcements that promotional opportunities and training will be withheld from the unvaccinated or employees perceived to be noncompliant.  These threats, including reminding an employee that he/she has less than a day to take the first “jab” is itself inherently coercive.  Likewise, intended actions to surcharge wages for testing the unvaccinated effectively repeals the living wage, minimum wage and prevailing wages that California has stood for, at a time when the testing itself has proven to be unreliable.  Not only do the mandates seriously undermine the stability of the workplace, but the mandates and passport schemes are disruptive of our communities and threaten the wellbeing of our families, our children and grandchildren as well as ourselves. This form of invidious discrimination must stop.

Your Story Matters! Please share your story below.

Briefly, please share your back story here. This is optional, but every person’s story will help WIN this fight against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. To get started, think about the following:

  • How would you be impacted if you lost your job?
  • Why is your Freedom To Choose important to you?
  • How has the government performed during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Is the government doing all it can to preserve your freedoms? If not, how have they fallen short (or harmed) you, your career, your family, and your freedom?
  • Likewise, describe your employer’s performance.


For each additional family member or dependent, briefly answer the following


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