Plaintiff Information


After one year of enduring the Answer Phase of the legal process, and per our recent Superior Court of Los Angeles appearance on December 14, 2022, and because our lawsuit is not a Class Action, the Judge is now requiring our attorney, Sunny Wise, to provide greater details on every named Plaintiff and their Dependents in order to move this Case forward.

We are now in the Discovery Phase of our Legal Process.

This voluntarily supplied detailed information is necessary from each Plaintiff, and will then be submitted to the Court on or before the court imposed deadline in mid-January, 2023.

Depending upon your answers to the questions below, you may have to supply additional information in a screen that will drop down. When providing additional information, please provide as much information as possible, to the best of your ability.

Please bear in mind that you are identifying the rights violations and damages suffered when answering the questions below due to the COVID-19 Mandates. The information you volunteer is all part of your story, and will be utilized in your future DECLARATION STATEMENT.

For instance, when describing adverse consequences at work, please specify when you learned of the adverse actions that would be taken, who advised you of same, i.e. name of your Department Head, Manager, Supervisor, and/or Human Resources or Personnel Representative, and have you filed a grievance concerning same.

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