Q&A – How to lead with Questions to help Open Eyes and Broaden Understanding

Not sure if this will help anyone in talking to people but I was at a function this morning and started talking vaccinations with a guy who claimed to be a “scientist” (he wasn’t), and is pro-injection and thought he was pro-mandate but I think he realized he actually isn’t. Anyway, I played dumb and asked him questions he couldn’t resist answering as a scientist:

Q: Since I’m vaccinated for polio, I am not worried about getting it from anybody… Why are people with covid vaccines worried about catching covid?

A: oh, you can still catch it but the symptoms are milder.  My son-in-law is vaccinated and got it but his symptoms were mild l.

Q: That’s great he had the choice to get it then, but since it works so great for the people who take it why the push to force everyone?

A: … Well, it’s like getting vaccinated for mumps in school.

Q: Oh! How long were the mumps vaccines tested before kids started getting them in mass?

A: For years!

Q: Wow I didn’t know that covid vaccines have been around for years… I thought I heard they are new.

A: They are, they don’t work as a regular vaccine.

Q: Oh! So how long have they been tested?

A: … well, it’s an emergency use authorization.

Q: Oh! I thought an emergency would only apply to people at high risk.  Are kids at high risk for covid? I heard it’s like a cold for them.

A: uh…

And that’s how it went.  A lot of the pro-mandate people just haven’t thought critically or logically and if you can trick them into doing so without being combative, sometimes they come to their senses.

Might help as a strategy the next time you are confronted.

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