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Fight For California Workers Flyer

Spread the word! Download & share low resolution with others or print your own and share face-to-face (both in PDF Format).

Posted on May 8, 2023 at 12:27 PM

Fight For California Workers Meme

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Posted on May 8, 2023 at 12:27 PM

2nd Amended Complaint
Filed 1-23-2023

Following Dec 13th hearing which many Plaintiffs attended, the amended complaints increased from 15 causes of action to 53. Here is the Amended document.

Posted on 4/1/23 at 11:20 AM

F2C Court Ruling

Stay up to date on what’s happening with our F2C Case in California. 16-Page document.

Posted on 12/29/22 at 8:03 PM

Lawsuit Filed In L.A. Superior Court
on 12-12-21

Lawsuit filed at 4:44 PM by attorney Helena Sunny Wise, on behalf of Plaintiffs & Dependents.

Posted on 12/12/21 at 9:34PM
Updated on 12/14/21 at 11:04PM ~ Updated version

DFEH Charges Filed Against State of California, City of LA, LA County, LA Unified School District and LA County Office of Education

“Of the people, by the people, for the people.”

See legal documents here on the vault.
See announcement here.

Posted on 12/10/21 at 4:41PM

Example Response Email From Gabriel Doyle

I wanted to get this information out to you all.  This is the email I sent, this morning, in reply to the 12-1-2021.  I wanted to let the troops know that this is what I did.  Each division will need to change the name on two of the Notice of Infringements, to the names of their direct RO Coordinators.

Please pay close attention to whom I sent my reply to.  The only changes in your reply to recipients will be your Division Coordinators, and/or your Business Rep with IBEW.

I am fully open to sharing this information, in its entirety, with everyone.

Gabriel A. Doyle

Posted on 12/7/21 at 12:29AM

Infringement Notice

Use this template to serve up an infringement notice.

Posted on 12/7/21 at 12:01AM

Response Email to 12/1/21 Directive

Here is the response letter that should be sent from your WORK email.

  1. Enter your details (e.g. if your manager called you, date, time, and what was said, whether the Supervisor (or someone else) handed you an envelope, date, time, and what was said).
  2. Send it to: Marty, RO OFFICE (email address is on the bottom of the letter where it says “if you have questions, email us.”)
  3. CC the Union, Helena Wise, Personal Email

Posted on 12/7/21 at 12:01AM
Updated 12/7/21 at 3:51PM – fixed wrong link
Updated 12/7/21 at 10:43PM – fixed link led to 404 Error

How To File a Grievance

Step by step on how to file a grievance.

Posted on 12/7/21 at 12:01AM
Updated v2.0 on 12/7/21 at 2:49PM – content additions

Prepare Now: What To Do BEFORE You Are Sent Home Without Pay

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

Posted on 12/4/21 at 6:37PM

Damage Control: What To Do AFTER You Are Sent Home Without Pay

This guide will help you through.

Posted on 12/4/21 at 6:37PM

Letter From Sheriff Villanueva

Compromised Fulgent Registration Testing System

Posted on 12/8/21 at 7:00PM

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