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Share This Flyer

Recently, one of our volunteers had a bright idea to help get the word out, asking us to design a simple flyer that’s easy to share with others. Two days later, here it is!

Go to HERE to the F2C Freedom Resource Vault to get yours:

  • Optimized PDF you can download and share with others via email
  • MEME you can share on your Social Network of choice.
  • PRINT-READY PDF you can download and print on your own color printer, or bring it to your local print shop and print up a whole bunch to hand out as you see fit!

You know the old saying, “Many hands make light work.” Well, if we ALL join together to help spread the word about Freedom to Choose, maybe together, we can generate a LOT of support without wearing anyone out!

If you’ve got other ideas to share to get some support for Members of Freedom To Choose USA, feel free to email us at Fearless@FreedomToChooseUSA.com.

We appreciate your GREAT IDEAS to support Freedom To Choose, and help FIGHT for the rights of Californians, and citizens across the USA!

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