The Key to Winning: Document, Document, DOCUMENT!

Many of you know the battle has begun. At least three separate lawsuits have been filed against the jab in Los Angeles alone! What many of you do not realize is that lawsuits are not dreamt up by lawyers, they are the results of hard work by people who have had enough.

Having participated in my share of lawsuits, on both sides of the bench, I can tell you that success relies upon how much work people like us are willing to do. And it all comes down to documentation.

Documentation sounds like a big and scary word, but it is very simple. Here are a few examples of documents that are useful, and that will help us WIN!

  1. Notes:
    It takes a minute after a phone call to make some quick notes, and voila, you have a record! Make sure the notes contain the date, time, person(s) involved and a summary. Quoting the person is even better. Educating your child to calmly make a note of the date, time, if they are victimized by a teacher or others, to do the same. With these notes, the lawyer can then build a solid case.
  2. Primary Source Research:
    Getting mad, venting on FakeBook, news (media) articles, etc. is not documentation. And none of it is useful for our lawyers. Source documents, actually performing research and finding studies, peer reviewed journals, or original press releases (word for word) from the mouths of the offenders will help a lawyer build a solid case. Example: Dr. Wallensky, Director of the CDC, issued a press release on 30 July 2021 that said vaccinated and unvaccinated spread Covid-19 Delta variant equally. This is a press release, but the person who said it is the expert who wants us all to be jabbed. That makes it useful for our case.
  3. Proof of Due Diligence:
    You don’t have to wait until you are fired, or your child is removed from school to start fighting. It is far more effective to try and convince your oppressors, and use due process to remind them they can do the right thing before it is too late. Then, when they break the law, you have it on record they had every opportunity to avoid an illegal action. Example: Sending an “opt out” memo to the school principal, stating your child is not going to comply with the illegal mandate, and that if any harm befalls your child that legal action will ensue. This document can be found on the Children’s Health Defense website. For employed persons, there are similar documents.
  4. Meet With The Enemy:
    Schedule a meeting, preferably with a third party witness, or at least with multiple persons in attendance. Take roll, take notes, and distribute those notes. Regardless of the outcome, you now have a personal accounting of the event. The people intent on doing wrong will ignore the notes. That is not a bad thing. Legally, ignoring putting someone on notice, after a reasonable amount of time, IS CONSENT. They made the rules, broke the laws, so by being silent, they are agreeing with you in legal terms.

The above sounds too small to matter. Some of it sounds scary. But you’re your couple of notes, multiply it by 3,000 people, and you have volumes of transgressions. Without documentation, counsel cannot do much short of making an eloquent speech and reference laws and legal precedent.

I’ll tell you firsthand, the other side has an answer to every legal precedent. What a judge cannot ignore are facts that have occurred, and have harmed you, the plaintiff.


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