Buried From Union MEMBERS!

Zero Coverage by the compromised Mainstream Media is the July 26, 2021 SEIU SETTLEMENT from PERB Case No. SA-CE-2205-S. 

“… Yep    … they are just stroking everyone hoping we won’t sue.    So much for trusting local 18…”, Sunny Wise 


🟩 3rd Email Campaign‼️‼️

Here’s Sunny’s new email:


1. Attach the SEIU Settlement 

2. Attach the SEIU CASE and post the link:


 in an email from your personal email address and send them to ALL of your Union Reps—even if you’re not SEIU Membership. 

3. ASK your Unions reps to please help you. 

4. Ask your Union Rep, in light of the New Discovery of this SEIU Case Article and SEIU Settlements, dated July 26, 2021, how much more coercion, harassment and psychological abuse do you have to endure by way of Employer Emails, Phone Calls, and face to face inquisitions from your supervisors before the UNION will file a Grievance on your behalf? 

PLEASE file a GRIEVANCE on my behalf with my employer, <<???>>. Please let me know when you have taken this action on my behalf. 

6. CC : Sunny 


7. Be kind! Be Encouraging and enlist their help, please.

Kimberly and Neil Stiller 


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