Understand Your Constitutional Rights?

Please take the time to watch this detailed video of our constitutional right and how to understand its meaning and purpose. As you watch it, you will, about an hour in, start to realize what is saying and attain an understanding. There still is no magic wand to wave that will make everything “normal” in society again but it will start to show you that normal was really never what we all thought.

This is so important for you to watch as soon as possible. So take time this weekend, sit down and really concentrate or have the video on in the background while doing stuff around the house or whatever. Again this is important to grasp.

There is a great reset coming and it’s going to be rough but it is not going to be what the powers that be think — it is going to be a reset of people like you and me realizing the power each of us has over our own destiny.



Freedom To Choose USA - Choose freedom over fear

Kimberly and Neil Stiller 
Freedom to Choose USA


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