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Your Donation To F2C Supports…

All donations to Freedom To Choose USA support empowering citizens through Education, Awareness and Grass-roots Legal Enforcement of American citizens’ Civil & Constitutional rights. This grass-roots humanitarian movement is truly “of the People, by the People, for the People.”

Education & Awareness

Empower citizens to know their Civil & Constitutional rights and how to calmly & confidently FIGHT BACK against vaccine & mask mandates, and medical passports.

Citizens learn how to:

  • Stop being intimidated, start getting educated and and stand up for their rights!
  • Quickly grasp employment law better than their bosses (it’s not that hard), and put the law to work FIGHTING BACK!
  • Easily spot legal traps currently used by nefarious employers,
  • Document their dirty deeds to maximize rewards when it comes time to sue for damages!
  • Connect to fellow patriots to share intel, document, track and publicly identify the culprits!
  • Stay POSITIVE, rally together to WIN!

Legal Enforcement Fund

You can call it a “Legal Defense Fund,” but know this: once people EDUCATE themselves, the tables turn – they’re on offense, empowered with the LAW behind them to ENFORCE the Law!

Therefore, F2C’s Constitutional & Civil Rights Enforcement Fund was established to pay legal fees to support workers, their families, school children, elderly & infirm to protect them from tyrants who employ illegal & unhealthy vaccine mandates, mask mandates & medical passports.

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