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About Freedom To Choose USA

Freedom To Choose LA (aka Freedom To Choose USA) was formed to intentionally stand up against unethical and unconstitutional medical tyranny in our City, our State, and our Country. We stand for the freedom to choose whether you get vaccinated without fear of getting fired.

We choose FREEDOM over FEAR!

Neil & Kimberly Stiller’s Story

Compassion, authenticity, and justice are at the heart of Southern California natives Kimberly and Neil Stiller’s service to others. Neil has been a Journeyman Electrical Repairer with the DWP since 2013 and is a 34-year, A-Ticket, IBEW Member.

Kimberly Stiller, a retired hairstylist, and former actor is currently engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits and is using her vast experiences to empower others through public speaking. Together they have brought their formidable combined private and professional experiences in construction, community service, investment, real estate, and land development to improve the lives of those in need in their community.

They founded a faith-based, 501(c)(3), a humanitarian non-profit organization in 2002 which successfully served the forgotten and disenfranchised individuals of the North LA County Area. They forged alliances with various private and public sector agencies, both government and non-profit, to create, establish and run programs that would end the cycles of poverty, crime, and homelessness.

Now, with vaccine mandates and the imminent rollout of vaccine passports threatening the health and livelihood of hardworking men and women all over California not to mention the entire United States, their passion to serve the disenfranchised has once again been ignited.

Join them in fighting for YOUR job, YOUR privacy, YOUR freedom, YOUR family, YOUR future. Stand up for truth, justice, and the freedom to choose whether you get vaccinated without the threat of losing your job. Help end this unconstitutional medical tyranny, by becoming a member, signing the petition, and donating now to help protect your FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.