Freedom To Choose Appeals Filed

Five Appeals Filed On Behalf of F2C Plaintiffs

The Fight Continues!

Good News for all Plaintiffs and Friends of Freedom To Choose USA, in our case #21STCV45243 F2C vs. the City of Los Angeles et al. After enduring the Answer Phase of the judicial process for two years as of next week, we have been catapulted all the way to the Appeal Phase – and on multiple levels!

Helena Sunny Wise, Esq., on behalf of our ever resilient Plaintiffs of Freedom To Choose LA, filed five Appeals in the past sixty days, in response to separate rulings of the court in favor of the Defendants.

We are thrilled to have our case in the Appeals Court! We are determined to stand firmly as we move through the process together, slowly gaining exposure and traction in the judicial process. There’s much to share on this topic, but we don’t want to tip our hand publicly at this point (loose lips sink ships). There are many eyes watching this case!


To be the first to know about the Appeals, there will be a face-to-face update with Sunny after the upcoming Court Date on December 14th. Plan to ATTEND:

Thursday, December 14th
Meet at 8:30am on the 3rd Floor

Superior Court of California
County of Los Angeles
Department 17
Stanley Mosk Courthouse
111 North Hill St

Wear Your Freedom Gear!

Read more about the Appeal on our Look Back at 2023

Year-End Appeal For Funding

As you can imagine, filing one Appeal in Court is not an inexpensive endeavor, let alone filing FIVE Appeals! To date, Freedom To Choose USA has raised over $90,000 in two years, a rather small sum in comparison to other high-profile lawsuits –many of which have failed.

We’re very thankful for the THOUSANDS of hours donated by volunteers. Without YOU, this endeavor would not be possible!

We’ve invested every penny of that (and more) to pay legal fees, legal filing expenses, printing, printing, printing, serving expenses, communications and technology to achieve our mission of E.A.G.L.E. – Education, Awareness & Grassroots Legal Enforcement.

We’ll continue being transparent and diligent with donated funds. In order to continue the Appeals process, we are seeking an additional $100,000 at this time to continue our mission. Each appeal will cost approximately $20,000.

If you can, please give. Remember that all of your donations are tax write-offs, as Freedom to Choose L.A., is a 501c3, tax exempt, non-profit organization!!!

We sincerely hope you can find it in your heart to donate what you can right now, to help us reach this goal!

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