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A Look Back at 2023

Despite Setbacks, Our Passion For Justice For California Children & Employees Continues To Be Renewed

We all knew this FIGHT would be brutal. After a two year fight in the courts, thousands of California F2C Plaintiffs and our families have endured hardships, discrimination and suffering, to the point of being fired from our jobs, and much more.

  • Many have lost income and critical benefits
  • Some have been forced to move
  • Some have become homeless

Our opponents have uprooted our families. They’ve overlooked us for promotions. They’ve ignored us, threatened us and in many cases, attempted to humiliate us at work and in open court.

The damage has been irrefutable and undeniably painful to F2C Plaintiffs and our families. The distance they’ve gone to outright lie and intentionally harm us has been practically unimaginable. And the antics in the courtroom by the defense team has been downright ugly.

The Opposite of “Normal”

In a “normal world,” especially in a government workplace, employers are supposed to be a model of outstanding leadership. In the past, a sense of pride and accomplishment working together more harmoniously resulted in hard-earned benefits and financial security.

Instead, over recent years, those Defendants named in our lawsuit have created just the opposite of “normal.” They continue to provoke a hostile working environment full of mistrust, unreasonable demands, covert coercion tactics, illogical and illegal threats against employees and their families.

To top it off, instead of admitting the mistakes of imposing illegal mandates, as other states and cities across our nation have done, here in California, they’re doubling down!

Rather than atone for the mistakes to begin the healing, they continue to create a culture of chaos, anxiety and tyranny.

Despite all the heartbreaks, setbacks and continued damages inflicted by the tyrants, we remain resilient and steadfast. Rest assured that together, WE WILL NOT QUIT.

Together, We Will See Justice.

We knew this fight would be brutal. We also knew that our opponents would make mistakes and missteps along the way, opening themselves up for an appeal, and that’s exactly what they have done…and it happened before we even entered the Discovery Phase of the judicial process! We consider that a blessing in disguise!

What we’ve witnessed in plain view in Los Angeles Superior Court is precisely what we expected. Our goal from the start was to reveal the Truth and expose their lies.

They hoped that if they delayed, dragged this out, and didn’t allow us to get through the Answer Phase after two years, that we would go silently into the night. But they were wrong.

We have learned to thrive in the darkness. Instead of going silently, we have learned to SHINE BRIGHTER then ever, as a beacon of hope that will not be extinguished. 

When our criminal opponents attempt to DENY, DISCOURAGE, DELAY, DISRUPT, and DEMORALIZE us, trying to threaten us through FEAR, we FIGHT BACK with DELIGHT, DILIGENCE, DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION, and above all, DEPENDENCE ON GOD!

  • Instead of discouraged, we became more DETERMINED.
  • Despite their denials, we remain DILIGENT.
  • To overcome their delays, we’re DISCIPLINED.
  • We learned our rights.
  • We taught each other how to stand firm, following the letter of the law.
  • We encouraged each other NOT to comply with unfair demands!

This fight has just begun. That is why, at our direction, Helena Sunny Wise filed five Appeals on your behalf. Our passion for justice continues to be renewed!

2023 has certainly been a year of extreme pain for our members and their families. Through continued education, awareness, grassroots legal enforcement for our members, we see a bright future for those willing to Fight the Good Fight! Stand Firm! Keep the Faith! Hold the Line! Pray!

Ever Determined, Thankful & Hopeful,

Kimberly & Neil Stiller
Founders, Freedom To Choose USA

Therefore, since we have this ministry, just as we received mercy [from God, granting us salvation, opportunities, and blessings], we do not get discouraged nor lose our motivation. 2 But we have renounced the disgraceful things hidden because of shame; not walking in trickery or adulterating the word of God, but by stating the truth [openly and plainly], we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God…continued.

2 Corinthians: Chapter 4

PS: Speaking of Appeals…

As you can imagine, filing one Appeal in Court is not an inexpensive endeavor, let alone filing 5 Appeals! To date, Freedom To Choose USA has raised over $90,000 in two years, a rather small sum in comparison to other high-profile lawsuits–many of which have failed.

We remain deeply grateful all of our volunteers who have given thousands of hours as well. We would not be here without each one of you!

We’ve invested every penny of that (and more) to pay legal fees, legal filing expenses, printing, printing, printing, serving expenses, communications and technology to achieve our mission of E.A.G.L.E. – Education, Awareness & Grassroots Legal Enforcement.

We’ll continue being transparent and diligent with donated funds. In order to continue the Appeals process, we are seeking an additional $100,000 at this time to continue our mission. The cost of each appeal will be approximately $20,000, and we have filed five, so that’s $100,000.

If you can, please give. Remember that all of your donations are tax write-offs, as Freedom to Choose L.A., is a 501c3, tax exempt, non-profit organization!!!

We sincerely hope you can find it in your heart to donate what you can right now, to help us reach this goal!

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