The fight for your freedom, from Ground Zero: California, USA.

Freedom To Choose Update - Lawsuit

Lawsuit Update on Case# 21STCV45243

Background After 17 months of enduring the Answer Phase of the legal process, and per our recent Superior Court of Los Angeles appearances in December 2022 and March 2023, and because our lawsuit is not a Class Action, Judge Takasugi is now requiring our attorney, Sunny Wise, to provide Answers with greater detail on EVERY NAMED PLAINTIFF AND THEIR DEPENDENTS. Therefore, Freedom To Choose LA …

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LA Lawsuit Update

Lawsuit was filed Dec 12, 2021. The courts and 64 public official defendants had been playing games with refusing service, assigning a judge, and other legal gamesmanship to avoid and distract. Sunny had to re-serve defendants, reply to demurrers and amend the approximately 120 page complaint. The lawsuit has not been dismissed, unlike many other lawsuits all over the city and county, filed by much …

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First Battle Won Against LAUSD, But The War Is Not Over

Over 30,000 parents fought illegal vaccine mandates, and the LAUSD Board finally blinked. That said, we must be aware that the Los Angeles Unified School District will not relent in their attempt to force-inject students. As a direct result of more than 30,000 parents fighting illegal vaccine mandates drafted by the LAUSD School Board, the Board finally blinked. On a blustery day in downtown LA, …

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The Key to Winning: Document, Document, DOCUMENT!

Many of you know the battle has begun. At least three separate lawsuits have been filed against the jab in Los Angeles alone! What many of you do not realize is that lawsuits are not dreamt up by lawyers, they are the results of hard work by people who have had enough. Having participated in my share of lawsuits, on both sides of the bench, …

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Choose Freedom Over Fear campaign 2021

F2C Campaign On AM870 THE ANSWER

Listen here to the kickoff to Freedom To Choose USA’s public awareness campaign in California, on AM870 THE ANSWER – a vital part of our mission to educate & empower everyday Americans to fight for their God-given rights. Please donate today to support this vital effort to GET THE WORD OUT via supportive media channels! Thank you for your support.

Gavel - take action

Use This Decree Template Today!

TAKE ACTION! Download this document now to customize and use. This decree is one anyone can print out and sign and send to ANY city officer. We recommend you send this, along with the Notice of Infringement, along with signatures on these documents as an effective combo. Final Recommendation: Send by registered mail. A Decree of the People of Los Angeles Concerning Garcetti’s Memorandum We …

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Lightning in storm clouds

This Week’s Tactical Response

Below is this week’s tactical response for the week of October 29th to the present day. In light of the 12-page, 10/28/2021 Memo from the L.A. City Mayor, our Position to NOT Comply with Unlawful Violations of our Rights remains Steadfast, despite the extended deadline to report your vax status (for vaxed and unvaxed) by December 18, 2021, now under threat of termination!   ACTION PLAN  …

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American Flag

Neil Stiller is Exercising His Rights!

TODAY’s Email Dated 10/16/2021 – Please see below proof that Neil is doing what he is encouraging all fellow Union Members to do!  He has sent 4 Emails to Local 18, IBEW Union Representatives: 1. Email 9/6/2021 Labor Day Email Campaign Notice of Member Stance on Mandates to Local 18 and Seeking to Know if Local 18  intends to Notify Membership of Ratifying or Rejecting …

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