Freedom to Choose USA now on Facebook and Instagram

F2C Now on Facebook & Instagram

Be sure to join Freedom To Choose USA now on Facebook and Instagram! Stay up on the latest and greatest among our Frontline Freedom Fighters. The news isn’t going to tell the truth, so YOU have to become the news! Join the Facebook Group here, and Instagram here.

Big thanks go out to the volunteer team (Emily, Liz) helping put this together to help make sure people know what their Civil & Constitutional rights are, and how to STAND YOUR GROUND, enforce those rights as a US Citizen, and document every step of the way so when they cross the line (and you know they will), you can GO ON OFFENSE, and take these tyrants to the cleaners!

Big shout-out to the new Social Team, here to keep y’all informed! Imagine, using Big Bad Tech’s own technology to push and the people conspiring with them into the pit they dug for themselves – how fitting!

How meta.


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