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Morale Booster For Freedom Fighters

Enjoy an Encouraging Word from Our Very Own Freedom Fighter, Aristotle Rand…One of our own.  

In any struggle of opposing men, no matter how numerous either side maybe, the victor can only be those who do not submit. The loser will surely be those who do submit. Any moral battle, be it of land, water, air, or other, is always a battle in the domain of the mind; a clash of wills. It is a contest for the domination of the other. Each subjecting the other to blows in hopes of receiving surrender.

Only when one side surrenders is the battle truly over. Only when you surrender do you truly and utterly lose.

Today we are in a moral battle that will render a verdict to the most paramount and personal of questions: do I take command of my own life? That is what is at the heart. Note the choice verb is ‘take’ not ‘command’, as no matter what oppression one may be currently subject to, the answer to this determines the will to change, to engage, to fight, and, surely, to command.

What other question can possibly be more profound for the pursuit of happiness for any of man? We do not pursue our happiness by floating accidentally through the cosmos, bumbling into the success of our non-efforts, for what success can one ever have without the effort of pursuit while not being classified as complete luck?


As Americans, we pursue. As free men, we command. As humans, we answer yes.

The enemy before us is caught in the dilemma of megalomaniacs: His opponents are his would-be prize, and his prizes can always turn into opposition. He would have us under his dominion, but to achieve that He must pummel us into submission.

The secret of his strategy is revealed once we realize that He is not fighting our bodies, but our will, our morals, and our minds. He cannot wholly engage us physically, thus his strategy relies on his three cheiftest weapons of Fear, Confusion, and Division.

Utilizing these, He would tell us lies and have us believe the ridiculous falsity that we do not have a right to our own bodies. He would deceive us by having his minions falsely claim they have strength and numbers. He would promulgate nonsense of how He is protecting our freedom by restricting our choice.

He would sow Division by claiming He has to protect you from your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors. He would have us be Confused through the constant dizzying logic parroted through mandates, suggestions, and news. He would instill Fear in yourself and claim victory.

Ask yourself, why does he not pin us down and force us? Why does he not grab us and subject our bodies to whatever He desires? Because He cannot. He can only truly claim victory when there is not any one of man who resists, but there are more of us than are of Him.

Our weapons are our hearts and minds, the beauty of which, in part, is we are all naturally armed. We are guided by our hearts; we know right from wrong. We feel when something is as off-putting as the idea we can be constitutionally subjected to coercion. We know something is foul when, in the name of safety, one makes the repulsive claim our rights as a man are to be suspended.

Our minds are extremely versatile and powerful weapons. In one deft strike, we can defend ourselves, attack our enemy, and inspire our allies simultaneously. Our strength is based on Truth; thus Truth gives us strength. Once we see the Truth behind the curtain, the great and powerful Oz is instantly reduced to a childish attempts at deception so feeble it is laughable.

What may have been a soul-crushing blow to our spirit reduce to a mere tickle; the laughter of which is heard by our friends, which only leads to more humor. By being aware of His strategy, we are given strength, and it is obvious.

We know we are each the captain of our ship, the commander of our destiny, the authority of ourselves. We know what is best for ourselves. We know what freedom is. 

It is through research, reading, discovery, and discernment that we can hone our greatest weapon. If these seem like acts too simple to effect change consider this: the Mona Lisa is a series of brush strokes, the Declaration of Independence is a series of words, the Great Pyramids are piles of blocks.

Every amazing feat was a series of small inputs of directed focus. Small drops of water can erode the hardest stone, and our numbers are capable of torrents. Research what your rights are and how to exercise them. Read the primary sources and understand where their validity comes from.

Discover the power that knowledge brings and utilize logic to reveal your options. Discern what is Truth. The enemy wants you to believe you have to rely on externalities for these, more specifically the cretins under his will, but the truth is all of us have these abilities.

We claim command over our lives and we are the authorities to discern Truth in our pursuit of Happiness.


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