Freedom To Choose Update - Lawsuit

Lawsuit Update on Case# 21STCV45243

Lightning Recap

• Judge Discussion: F2C Case NOT transferred by Judge to “Long Cause Courtroom.”
• F2C has named & served over 100 Defendants throughout state of California.
• F2C did NOT comply to unfounded demands by Defendants after prior hearing.
• Change requests by Judge resulted in F2C Legal Team expanding to 750+ page 2nd Amended Complaint.
• Sunny Wise stated on record that “Defendants were going around her & making Unsanctioned Settlement Offers to F2C Plaintiffs.”
• Also “Defendants were presenting or offering misrepresentations to F2C Plaintiffs that she (Sunny Wise, Esq.) had been removed” (untrue).
• Presented these acts as evidence of lies, entrapment, and deceptive tactics.
• Defendants requested all Plaintiff personal addresses placed on the record, to which we REFUSED.
• Defendants filed FIVE Demurrers & 5 Motions to Strike (submitted by their 10+ attorneys).
• Sunny Wise opposed each filing, because they declined to consolidate
• We will have to file 10 responses.
• Five separate dates were scheduled in May for five separate Demurrer & Motion to Strike Hearings.
• Sunny Wise requested Judge to consolidate all five to one single date.
• Judge suggested a date in July, 2023.
• All present Defendants expressed they wanted their own dates in court.
• Judge combined five hearings into three dates

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

• Freedom To Choose requests ALL FREEDOM TO CHOOSE PLAINTIFFS TO ATTEND ALL THREE of these court dates.

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After 17 months of enduring the Answer Phase of the legal process, and per our recent Superior Court of Los Angeles appearances in December 2022 and March 2023, and because our lawsuit is not a Class Action, Judge Takasugi is now requiring our attorney, Sunny Wise, to provide Answers with greater detail on EVERY NAMED PLAINTIFF AND THEIR DEPENDENTS.

Therefore, Freedom To Choose LA is is in the midst of filing individual DFEH charges on behalf of each of the lawsuit’s Plaintiffs.

Our original DFEH Charges (Department of Fair Employment & Housing) were filed and granted with Right to Sue Letters from the DFEH for Freedom to Choose back in December 2021, which was the original Filing of our F2C Lawsuit. THIS WAS A SIGNIFICANT WIN FOR F2C PLAINTIFFS.

These DFEH Charges, together with being granted DFEH Right to Sue Letters, are critical components in this Case, and are foundational to future claims for damages when the case makes it to the Settlement Phase.

Regardless of whether or not our Plaintiffs got the Covid-19 vaccine, their RIGHT and their FREEDOM TO CHOOSE was VIOLATED by the more than 100 Defendants listed in this Lawsuit, starting back in March of 2020. Our Plaintiffs have taken bold actions to clarify through their testimonials, the rights violations and damages suffered due to the unconstitutional COVID-19 Mandates.

The information that has been volunteered by Plaintiffs to date will be utilized in future testimony and DECLARATION STATEMENT. We stand FIRM together. Going back to work will NOT stop the rights violations. We continue to send our city, county and state officials a clear message that this violation of basic human rights must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

View the most recent legal document on the Freedom To Choose Resource Vault, here:
2nd Amended Complaint, Filed 1/23/2023



Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Wednesday, May 31, 2023


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