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First Battle Won Against LAUSD, But The War Is Not Over

Over 30,000 parents fought illegal vaccine mandates, and the LAUSD Board finally blinked. That said, we must be aware that the Los Angeles Unified School District will not relent in their attempt to force-inject students.

As a direct result of more than 30,000 parents fighting illegal vaccine mandates drafted by the LAUSD School Board, the Board finally blinked. On a blustery day in downtown LA, hundreds withstood the torrential rains and wind to show solidarity as the board voted on a measure to defer mandatory COVID-19 injections for school aged children until school year 2022-2023.

Some are declaring “Victory!” Yes it is a victory, but with a little “v.” We won a battle, that could lead to victory as long as we see things as what they are.

“To be clear, we are suing to end the mandates, not just defer them.”

~ Freedom To Choose LA

Delay tactics can favor both sides, and the LAUSD is hoping this delay of nine months is what they need to regroup, in the hope that people forget. They are also changing their media and marketing strategy.

The new strategy is to convince parents through workshops. LAUSD families are asked to attend these workshops, hosted by “a panel of pediatricians to dialogue about COVID-19 vaccination and our students.”

If you think they have given up, they have not.

LAUSD bragged they have vaccinated 87% of children 12 and older, and will not stop until they inject 100%. If they achieve this goal over the next nine months, they have won the war using delay tactics. We need to be very aware.

For those who choose freedom, remember the LAUSD has made a fatal error that we must be aware of: BOOSTERS! Nine months from now, those parents who have watched their kids suffer through side effects after two or three injections will have to watch them go through it a fourth time. And each time, the side effects ARE WORSE!

All of the parents who chose to get their kids vaccinated because they thought it was safe, it was the path of least resistance, they were under duress, or they were incentivized are still in the middle.

We need to ensure they choose a side, OUR SIDE, the side of FREEDOM OF CHOICE! That is how we win this war in the street, and that is how we will convince political judges that they and their masters are wrong.


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