Prepare Now: What To Do BEFORE You’re Sent Home Without Pay

HAVE NO FEAR! BUT KNOW, THERE IS AN INCOMING ATTACK coming this week, so this article will show you how to BE PREPARED with Knowledge BEFORE You are Cornered and Sent Home with No Pay. Please SHARE with all of those you know are facing the threat of being fired or sent home without pay.

Note: IF YOU WERE ALREADY SENT HOME WITHOUT PAY, check this Education & Awareness Article, entitled: Damage Control: What To Do AFTER You Are Sent Home, and be sure to participate and stay updated on our Freedom To Choose Telegram Channel for instant updates.

First Step: Download this helpful guide: What To Do BEFORE

FIRST: You need to print up ALL of these documents and have them with you or in a folder at all times.

Do not fall into their trap! Educate yourself!

  • Make sure you have a copy of the Civil Service Rules, Admin Manual section 33, and relevant City Charter sections!
  • Read section 33-disciplinary action of the personnel department policy pinned above.
  • Take Action NOW and print it out and highlight and make notes on a bunch of sections.
  • Learning that intimately is going to be one of our only chances to exercise our rights when under pressure.
  • Be sure to read the civil service rules document as well over the weekend.

Stand Up For Your Rights

These are tough times, we truly must support each other and stand up to our supervisors. As Gabe has said, if you get called in the office ask if this conversation can lead to disciplinary action. If so, shut it down until you have representation by your side.

  • You don’t have to accept the documents and the supervisors know it, they’re “just doing their job”
  • Hold them accountable! Only your first level supervisor can pull you into the office, not a few levels up.
  • We still have the leading edge here – realize they’re pushing you, and trying to get you to roll over.
  • State with Confidence: “I just want you to know that I KNOW MY RIGHTS.”

This has everything you need in order for you to be ready to STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS in the event YOU are called into a meeting with your supervisor.

  • If your direct Supervisor is NOT present—DO NOT FOLLOW THEM INTO ANY ROOM.
  • Be sure there are others who are witnessing. No other person in the chain of command has a legal right to talk to crew members one on one!
  • PLEASE read the Civil Service Rules, and the Administrative Manual.

We are providing YOU bullet points to follow, so you don’t forget any important step. Sometimes under pressure we forget all the things we are supposed to do and say.

If you are notified by Email to attend a meeting, PLEASE Do this:

  • You can reply to the calendar invite, with the response icon, and respectfully request your 5 day postponement, so that your legal representation can be present. You need to have this right!
  • Make sure that you get read receipts for your reply to the calendar invite.
  • Do not agree to the meeting, until you get your legal representation!
  • If you are Verbally instructed to join a Meeting by your Direct Supervisor-You ASK: “Could this meeting lead to discipline?”
  • If they say “yes” YOU MUST RESPOND by quoting your Weingarten Rights!
    Your main goal at this point is shutting down the meeting and not accepting any documents.
  • If you do receive documents, file grievances immediately!
  • This statement may be used when a worker is faced with a possible Disciplinary related Conversation or Hearing. Memorize it or Read it to them off of your phone:

“I believe this discussion could lead to my being Disciplined. I, <>, therefore request that my Union Representative or Officer or my Attorney, Sunny Wise, be present to assist me at this meeting. I further request reasonable time to consult with my Representative of my Choice regarding the Subject and Purpose of the Meeting. Please consider this a Continuing Request; without Representation—I shall NOT participate in this Discussion, I shall NOT consent to any Searches or Tests affecting my person, property, or effects without first consulting with my personally Chosen Representative. “

“Therefore—This conversation needs to stop. We will not have this meeting until I can have my representative with me (either your Union shop Stewart or a lawyer). You can meet again in 5 days”

NOTE: If your FIRST LEVEL Supervisor is calling you into a meeting, you must go.

  • Upon entering into the office, or seeing your FIRST LEVEL Supervisor, you should immediately ask the question of discipline. If yes, you have the script of what to say.
  • FOLLOW IT! If no, I just have to give you this notice, then politely say that you feel this has to do with COVID, and can lead to discipline! Refuse to discuss the matter further, without representation, and for Heaven’s sake, DON’T allow them to hand you a notice!!
  • Take a picture of the Harassment paperwork with them in the background (you will be emailing Sunny Wise that later)
  • You Hand them back their Harassment paperwork.
  • Serve them ALL with the Deprivation of Rights Document individually.
  • Be sure to write their names one each separately prepared document.
  • You do NOT need to leave work, and you DO get to come back to work the next day. You can be at work until the meeting with your first level and your Representation of your choice (Sunny or Your Union Shop Steward) actually happens.
  • If they don’t believe you, present them with section 33 of from their Policies of the Personal Department.

When the meeting is DONE:

  1. Contact your Shop Stewart and/or Sunny Wise, YOUR Lawyer IMMEDIATELY by email see below!
  2. Immediately Fill out your:
    *Union Grievance Form
    *You must file your Civil Service Grievance Form within 5 Days of being sent home-online or go to Personal Department at 700 Temple Street, Los Angeles.
    *File for Unemployment—online.
  3. Email Sunny the photo along with all the exact details of the meeting. See the Damage Control Article for details on what to do after you’ve been sent home without pay.


I hope this packet will help YOU to be more prepared and be able to EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS correctly.

Have ALL of this WITH YOU! Be Prepared!


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